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Boost Conversion Rates II – Make More Money by Avoiding These Common Sales Page Mistakes

Keeping line with the first part of this two-part blog, let’s continue with where we left off. In the previous blog we discussed what makes a potential customer unsure about your online business, what conversion rates are, and a start to the common mistakes people make on their sales pages.

Mistakes That Kill Conversions – Continuation

Not projecting trustworthiness and credibility

With thousands of websites being made every day, most people are not sure of which websites to trust anymore. For this purpose, organization like Better Business Bureau as well as security firms such Verisign offer “trust” seals to attested businesses.

In order to compete in sea of websites in every sector of every industry, get verification from such organization to gain trust of your visitors.

Not guaranteeing the satisfaction of your customers

Guaranteeing your product or service with 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee is what online customers look for. It gives them the confidence to take the step of purchasing your product, because they will now know that they are safe if your claims aren’t true.

Not using engaging headlines that generate results

Headlines are supposed capture and retain the attention of your visitors, compel them to read more rather than clicking away from your website. If you website fails to do that on the sales page, then you have lost the battle before it even started. Hire an experienced copywriter to write these headlines for you, so you get the desired result.

Not using compelling calls-to-action (CTA)

Your headlines, your claims, your credibility are all equally important, but what all these things lead to is your calls-to-action. A visitor on your website may want to buy a product, but trust me, that is not enough. You have to make really simple and clear for them – how exactly to buy, what they should get, and why they need it right now. Then include a purchase button in the end to execute the order.

Not using simplified website design and layout

Did you know that an average web surfer spends 8 seconds on a website to decide whether they like it enough to stay? So what you need to do is avoid making a website with unclear or confusing layouts, avoid distractions, or flashy graphics. Rather, keep the design simplified, the navigation to the point and simple to operate. Such simplistic designs are the trend of the day and will compel your visitors to stay longer.

Not convincing the customer that their privacy is protected

This is another important aspect, if a visitor purchases from you they will be entering their email addresses and financial details. The nature of such information is sensitive, and people don’t go about entering it on every website they come across. So in order to make a customer feel comfortable in doing so, add a privacy policy section where you state that these matters are taken seriously.

Remember, that having a user friendly website can be the main difference between a bounce off and conversion. If you are currently making these mistakes, rectify them immediately and boost your conversions.

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