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Boost Conversion Rates I – Make More Money by Avoiding These Common Sales Page Mistakes

So let me guess, your website is live, along with a great sales page up and running, but you can’t seem to figure out why the visitors aren’t converting as fast as you hoped. You’re tired of checking the number of visitors to the number of sales, as the ratio is unsettling. Don’t worry, because to fix this what you need is some serious tweaking to your sales page.

You may have the perfect product or service, but you aren’t considering all the aspects of making an online sale. There are some things a potential customer wants to know about you, and you have not displayed that on your sales page. This is usually the case, as the customer is not comfortable enough to make the purchase, and that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog. How exactly one needs to modify their sales page to gain visitors trust to boost conversion rates.

As this blog revolves around conversions and conversion rates, for those that are new to making money online, lets us first discuss what exactly that is and clear it up.

What exactly are Conversions?

A conversion refers to a visitor on your website that makes a purchase. This transition from being a visitor to becoming a customer is known as a conversion. Additionally, a conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors that converted to a customer. Provided they have the plug-in, most websites have the ability to track the rate of conversion; some of the ways this conversion is calculated is as follows.

  • Percentage of visitors who call to order.
  • Percentage of visitors that order something online.
  • Percentage of visitors that order by filling out a form.

Mistakes to Avoid On Sales Pages That Affect Conversion Rates

Not backing up claims with proof

In this day and age, anyone can make claims about their business online when selling. The important part is that today’s tech savvy generation has learned to differentiate between websites that are legit and those that aren’t.

Just remember to back your claims up with proof or potential customers aren’t going to take you seriously. One of the types of proof you can show is social proof, like customer reviews, third party web reviews, and even complete case studies. All of this is done in an effort to show that your company is legit and doing well.

Not being transparent about the information you provide about your company

In the real world, when we approach a prospective client we always offer our business cards first to be taken seriously. The same is the case with websites; in order to be taken seriously you need to provide proper information about the company as well as legit contact and support details.

Simply add your phone number, an email address for support, the location of your base of operations, and if possible a live chat option. Just with the addition of these, you will get a dramatic increase to your conversions.

We will conclude the first part of this blog here. However, six mistakes people make on sales pages are yet to be covered. Stay tuned for the second part of this two-part blog, and avoid making these mistakes altogether to boost your conversion rates.


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