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Blog Upgrades – Sell eBooks and Watch Your Earnings Soar

As compared to other ways people are making money online, blogging seems like a relatively simple and doable option. So much so that over 500,000 blogs are being posted around the world on a daily basis, and that’s not even the surprising part. In fact, the strange stat is that 90% of these blogs fail and quite of few of them never take off!

This very reason is why we decided to create a series of blogs that will show you various techniques you can use to monetize your blog. This is the first blog of the series, we named Blog Upgrades.

Why Typical Monetization of Blogs Don’t Work

Getting 50,000 visitors doesn’t matter if you are unable to monetize your website, and in order to get that many visitors you need quality content. Such is the cycle of blog monetization; people who lack in even one these aspects are doomed to fail.

This as a result will causes people to lose the investment they’ve made, and stop before they even get started. If you consult an internet marketer, you will be given a very good suggestion to place ads on your website. Given that it’s quite an easy option, if you lack quality content, you will be short on visitors, which will effectively make your ad initiative redundant. Balance is necessary.

A Technique to Boost Your Blog Earnings

Let’s say you website has eight advert spots; in order for these ad placements to be successful you need to have significant visitors that visit regularly. Eight spot will net you $600 at most, an average of $75 per ad spot. If you lack regular visitors, earning even this basic amount is difficult.

To boost your blog earnings use the monetization techniques I will discuss in this series alongside your blog to significantly multiply your earnings. You can boost your earnings from $600 a month to $3000, maybe more. The first technique we will discuss revolves around eBooks.

Selling eBooks through Your Blog

For your knowledge, this is something that’s become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and for good reason. The defining reason is obviously money, as selling an eBooks to your blog followers is far easier than selling someone else’s. The reason for this is that readers already know you and your track record.

Other than the obvious monitory benefits of selling eBook, it does a number of things that strengthens your website’s overall online presence. It boosts traffic to your blog, which in turn generates ad revenue. Even if people don’t buy the eBook, they will still browse through your blog.

How to Go About Making This Happen

Most people who have come to this conclusion all on their own, have the wrong idea. Here are some guidelines I would encourage my readers to abide:

  • Sign up for an affiliate program, with this other websites will funnel traffic to your website and your eBook through back linking and ad placements.
  • Offer reader testimonials of your eBook on the sales page. Try to include names, picture, and country of your customers. As this will reinforce the fact, real people are giving real feedback on your eBook.
  • Provide a sample chapter of your eBook for potential buyers.
  • Ensure you get a professional eBook cover designed, as it will make the eBook more valuable in the eyes of your blog followers.

Using eBooks to boost your blog and your earnings is just one way. In our next blog of Blog Upgrades series, we will discuss monetizing your blog by making it a Membership Website.


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