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Blog Upgrades – Monetizing Your Website Through The Use Of Web Directories

This blog is the continuation of the two-part blog on web directories. In our previous blog, we shared what web directories are and how you can submit your website on to one, along with giving you a list of the most famous web directories that are used around the world.

In continuation with the same topic, in this blog we are going to cover the various ways you can use web directories to earn some serious cash.

Monetizing You Website via a Directory Site

As discussed in much detail in our previous blog, website directories have the potential to generate a substantial amount of traffic.

We have listed down and explained a few ways you through which you can generate revenue from directories.


Apart from simply back linking websites in affiliate marketing, when you also submit your website on a directory you create a concentrated funnel of traffic not only to your website but also to those whose product(s) you are marketing.

The higher the traffic, the more the money you will make. As other business will actually be willing to pay you for the exposure you’re providing.

Higher Ranks go to High Payers

Businesses spend thousands on advertisers to appear first on Google. For any keyword you pick, you will find competition for that first position. Most businesses that conduct business online are exactly aware of how important ranking is to generate reliable leads.

So, if your own blog or website has a high ranking of its own, you can easily find people who will be willing to pay you more to advertise on your website!

Amass Emails Via Sign-Up and Then Sell Them as Leads

If you happen to have a sign-up system on your blog or website, you will have a list of email addresses that will accumulate over time. This list grows over time, and you can sell them as leads to businesses and earn commission when those leads are converted into buyers.

You don’t always have to add a membership area. You can also choose to add a plug-in that does the same job. Alternatively, you can also opt to sell these leads to the highest bidder.

Earn via Adsense or Sell Ad-Space

Once your blog or website has gained substantial following as well as readership, you can choose to sell the ad-space on your website. The amount you earn depends entirely on the popularity of your blog or website.

Adsense is one of the best ways to earn through ads. It offers a variety of methods that allows users to increase earnings with time. With Adsense, you offer the ad spaces you have to Google and then post ads on your website from people who want to advertise online around your geographical location.

This concludes the two-part blog on Web directories, and the series of Blog Upgrades as well. We hope our blogs proved to be helpful to your initiative. As a parting message, the key to success of any blog is consistency. Create a timetable for your blog and keep it updated.

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