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Blog Upgrades – Adding a Membership Area to Your Blog, Can Be Very Lucrative

Welcome to the second blog of the Blog Upgrades series. In our previous blog, we discussed how inexperienced bloggers are doomed to fail, gave our fellow bloggers a reality check, and offered a time-tested technique to boost their earnings.

In this blog, we are going to continue in the same stead and discuss yet another technique that‘s quite effective in terms of both, generating income and retaining as well as locking in existing readers and followers of your blog.

The technique we are referring to is not really a technique rather and addition to your website, that capitalizes on the hard work you put into provide quality content. We are talking about adding a paid membership area to your website, where only your most loyal followers will gain access to the ultimate value you have to provide.

Why Add a Membership Area to Your Website

As a seasoned blogger, you know who your audiences are, what they want from you, and how exactly to keep them satisfied, as well as to keep them coming back for more. The journey that lead you to gain this profound understanding of your blog niche, is about to pay off.

Now that you know that you readers and followers are hooked onto what you have to offer, it is time you capitalize on that. Nothing that’s worth reading, may it be informative or for entertainment, should be free. If you believe, your blog holds the value your readers would pay for then you should seriously consider adding a blog section to your website.

Ponder over it for a second; will you pay $10 or if you’re good $100 a month, for the content you provide? Does your blog address a particular need in the market that you bloggers absolutely need? If you answer in the affirmative, then why haven’t you already added the member’s area?

Benefits for Your Blog

It must be obvious from the word “Membership” that this fee will be receivable on a monthly basis, and this is precisely the advantage this technique has over eBooks. Instead of billing your followers once, you bill them monthly, and in return provide them with unique content they won’t be able to fine elsewhere.

Let’s do the math that will blow you away, learn the scale at which your blog has the potential to operate. Let’s compare the earnings from both eBooks and membership.


Let’s say you sell your eBook for $50, which is $1500 a month. Let’s assume this pace continues throughout the year, you will have earned $18,000 in a year! Now let’s look at our second option.

Integrating Membership Feature

Suppose you gain one blog member every day, at the rate of $50 a month, this nets your $1,500 for the first month. In the next month, new members will gain you another $1,500, and the recurring revenue from the existing members will net you $3,000. If the members continue to flow in at the same pace throughout the year, it will net you a total of $117,000.

Though the earning difference in both these techniques is obvious, they both depend on how resourceful a blogger is, and which option he or she has the ability to make a reality. Gauge the popularity before you add a membership area, as your membership fees must justify the value of the content you are providing.

In the next blog of Blog Upgrades series, we are going to discuss affiliate marketing and how it can benefit both you and your blog, stay tuned.

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