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Blog Upgrades – Add Zeroes to Your Bank Balance via Affiliate Marketing

If you had been following our latest series about blog monetization techniques, here is the third. In our previous blog we discussed how quality blogs, attract quality following of your blog, and you can capitalize on the quality content you’re known for providing.

In this blog, we are going to share yet another technique that can be used alongside your reputed blog. This technique will not only earn you extra cash, as it’s always the main reason, but also project you as the authority of the niche you operate in.

With affiliate marketing, you promote products and services of others on your own blog. In short, you sponsor and earn commission from the leads you generate.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

The process of promoting other people’s products and services for earning commission is known as Affiliate marketing. In order to do this, you must first have a sturdy infrastructure in place. If your blog itself isn’t established as a reliable source of information, or has enough visitors, people or companies won’t use your blog to market their products.

If you have fulfilled the above prerequisites, find a product you understand and like, promote it on your blog, and earn a part of the profit for each sale you help make.

Everyone Is Happy

You’ll be happy because you’d have earned a commission, the company will be ecstatic, and if it weren’t for you, they wouldn’t have made the sale. Finally, the customer is glad they first learned about the product from your blog, obtained peace of mind, and purchased that product through your blog.

The beauty of affiliate marketing lies in the amount of time and effort one needs to invest, which is very little.

How to Use Affiliate Marketing and Monetize Your Blog

Made up your mind about affiliate marketing and want to get started? First thing you have to do is research affiliate programs that suit best. After you have found the one, whose rates you like, sign-up for it. Promote the affiliate program on your blog with helpful, engaging, and quality content. Finally, use every way you know to drive traffic to your blog.

A couple of guidelines I would like to recommend to fellow bloggers that do affiliate marketing; once you start generating result it’s time to ask for a higher commission rate. Another thing you should ask for are coupon codes for your audience. Customers that purchase products through your blog should receive some kind of concession or a discount, so try to get them as soon as possible because the tiniest incentive can instigate a plethora of conversions.

When promoting affiliate marketing, the most crucial aspect is how you display the links to their product on your blog. Of the number of ways, I would recommend the following:

  • Creating fact & reputation based comparison charts, in order to allow a reader to come to that conclusion on their own. Try to make the reader make the right choice through your writing, which of course is the product you are marketing.
  • Providing recommendations, this particular method is proved by Google analytics to provide the best conversion rates. The reason for this is, when you demonstrate or describe a product in action, your readers will experience it through your writing, so make the best of it.

Simply linking an affiliate product and praying that one in a million people may earn you commission, is nowhere near enough!

This is an end to the third blog of the series Blog Upgrades, keep visiting us for more techniques to monetize your blogs. In the next blog, I’m thinking of sharing insight on adding Web Directories to your blog, and earning from them.

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