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Best PTC Sites: Get Massive Referrals In The Best Paid To Click Sites!

Top 5 Best PTC Sites Of 2017

Updated List Of Best PTC Sites For 2017

I’ve spent the last couple of years and hundreds of hours of my life scouring the internet for the best ptc sites of 2017! I’ve went through and personally tested over 100+ different ptc sites and it was one of the most excruciatingly painful ordeal that I’ve ever gone through with.

However, I did manage to finally discover 5 of the profitable & reliable PTC (Paid To Click) sites of the internet so  you don’t have to risk your time and money the way I did.

Please take a look who I picked as the winners of the top 5 best PTC sites below….

#1: ClixSense

Clixsense PTC Site
I’m sure that this one getting the #1 spot is no surprise to many of you. Clixsense is the OLDEST paid to click site out there right now. It’s been open & paying people since 2007. It’s paid out over $7 million to it’s members since they launched which is pretty impressive since a lot of paid to click websites have a hard time staying open even a year!

I’ve been a member of this one for a few years now and I absolutely love it! It’s my most reliable income stream! There’s always tons of ads to click on and many other ways to make money! It’s also very international friendly so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

>> Click Here To Join Clixsense <<

#2: Paidverts


Although, this one is less old than Clixsense. It’s definitely one that you want to add to your portfolio if you like a solid earner! This one is incredible for several reasons. They have multiple payout options so that everyone can participate, amazingly unique clicking system that you’ll absolutely love, and HUGE referral commissions! This is by far my new favorite paid to click site!

I’ve been a member for a few years and they’ve NEVER missed a payment so this one is a must join!

>> Click Here To Sign Up With PaidVerts <<

#3: My Free Shares


This one is another truly amazing concept for a PTC Site. Not only do you earn cash for clicking ads, you’ll also earn “shares” in the program which means you will receive a piece of the advertising revenue that they generate. That way you’ll be able to earn double from your normal clicking efforts. It’s definitely worth adding this one to your portfolio! It’s also been around for many years!

It’s also worth mentioning that the group that own’s this one has been around for a really long time and are very respected in the community!

>> Click Here To Signup With My Free Shares <<

#4: Free BTC


Free BTC is truly outstanding opportunity to earn extra Bitcoin for free! It’s a little different than what you are used to. You don’t have to click on ads to earn money with Free BTC. You just have to login in and fill out a 1 second captcha form. You can do this once every 60 minutes. This will really add up! Did I mention that because it’s Bitcoin – payments are instant! I love that and I know you will too!

>> Click Here To Signup To Free BTC <<

#5: Wordlinx


This is another solid banker! Although, it’s not my first choice of paid to click site, it’s still a reliable money earner if you’re looking to add another stream to your portfolio. There’s plenty of ads to choose from and many other ways to earn if you’re interested! I’ve been a member for a little over a year and they’ve always paid me on time!

This one is similar to Clixsense in that it is one of the most stable and longest paying PTC sites out there. I highly recommend that you add  this one to your collection! Oh and it’s also worth mentioning that their advertising is pretty effective as far as paid to click advertising can be.

>> Click Here To Signup With WordLinx <<

That wraps up the Top 5 ptc sites of 2016. I’ve spent years and hundreds of hours of my time to discover the highest & most reliable paying paid to click sites. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered that while many paid to click websites will fail over time, there are quite a few money makers still out there!

Happy Clicking!

How To Get Massive Referrals Into The Best PTC Sites

I’m Ryan Oakley and I’d like to thank you again for taking the time to look at this guide, inside, I’ll teach you exactly how I’ve created over 6,000+ referrals in the best ptc sites around as well as many others that have since closed down for whatever reason!

All the strategies that I outline here can be applied to any of the best ptc sites available today!

I also wanted to let you know that if you haven’t started promoting a Paid To Click yet….you’re missing out on one of the easiest passive income streams you’ll ever see!

Think about what a few referrals could do for you…

Instead of clicking ad’s all day and working hard to make a few bucks….you could have your referrals do all of the work for you instead!

You Need To Build a Team Of Employee’s Working Under You…

You could literally have an army of people working for you everyday…making you money every hour of the day as they click on ads, view videos, complete offers, refer others, and more. Each referral you have is a potential employee that will generate you passive income for life!

This Team Will Work For You Tirelessly Day In and Day Out To Make You Money…

So with all of that being said, I am going to teach you the exact same methods that I used to build my downlines to 1,000+ Referrals! I’ll try to keep it short enough so that you can work it without getting to bored 😉

Also, this guide will be constantly updated with new methods that work for me. So it’s worth bookmarking this for further reading.

WARNING: The first 4 steps are FREE methods of promotion which means they will take a fair amount of time and work before you start seeing massive results but with a little work you can really build a solid downline.

If you want to build your downline fast and achieve income much faster. You’ll need to invest a little bit of money in advertising to see big results!

My PTC Promotional Guide

Step 1. Leverage Your Social Networks For Exponential Growth

This will be your FIRST Step towards creating a massive rush of referrals into the best ptc sites around. This is also one of the easiest ways you can gain referrals right this second.

You probably already have several accounts with different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and others. You should be posting your Referral Link to every one of these that you have every day with a message that encourages your friends to join!

Remember, the more places you post your referral link, the more cash you will make!

Here’s what you’ll need to do…

Login to your Account at whichever Social Network you are a part of. Copy and paste the message below. Feel free to modify it for places like Twitter that do not allow more than 150 Characters of text to be posted.

Message To Post:

I just joined this awesome new website that pays me REAL CASH for everything that I do online! Check it out now: http://myptcreferralink.com

Remember, you probably have more than one Social Network account, post that message to as many as you can.

Step 2. Build Your Downline Fast Using List Builders

One of the easiest and fastest methods to gain referrals into the best ptc sites is to utilize FREE List Builders. Basically, a List Builder is a website that allows you to send emails to X amount of their member’s every X days. Each List Builder is different and will have different amounts of members you can contact and different time limits.

In my experience, I’ve found that if you focus on only 3 list builders and consistently use them, you will gain a ton of referrals in no time. It’ll take you no longer than a few minutes to setup the mailing and you can repeat this process every X days for virtually unlimited referrals!

Here’s what you need to do….

Join each List Builder below (it’s free). Login to your account and find the area inside of your account where you can Send Mail. Copy and Paste the email and subject I provide you with below. Make sure to enter The Correct PTC Referral Link that is yours.

Here’s the List Builders you can Join…

>> Click Here To Join ListBonus <<

>> Click Here to Join Adchiever <<

>> Click Here To Join MailOurList <<

Here’s the email you’ll send out…

Subject:  FREE  SITE: Get Paid For Everything You Do Online!

Email Body:

Hey Friends,

Wouldn’t you LOVE to get Paid For Everything you
already do while using the internet?


You’ll love this new opportunity….


– Get Paid For Watching Movies
– Get Paid For Viewing Ads
– Get Paid For Filling Out Surveys
– Get Paid For Completing Small Tasks
– Get Paid For Completing Offers

Visit The Link Below

Your Referral Link: http://www.myptcreferrallink.com


Step 3. Copy and Paste Your Way To Downline Profits

Another way you can gain referrals in the best ptc sites available is to make use of FREE Traffic Exchanges. Traffic Exchanges are websites that give you “traffic credits” for every website that you surf for them. The problem with traffic exchanges is that you have to surf a lot of websites to receive traffic back.

However, if you are not afraid of a little bit of work and you can dedicate an hour or so a day to surfing then you’ll be on your way to explosive referral profits in no time!

Here’s what you need to do…

Join at least 1 of the Traffic Exchanges below. Login to your Account Area and Find where you can Add Websites. Add Your Referral Link below. Also, Make sure all of your future credits are set to auto distribute. There usually is a setting somewhere where you add your Site that allows you to auto assign your credits that you earn from surfing or purchase. Surf as many pages as you can each and every day. Watch as your downline grows on autopilot!

Here’s the list of my favorite Traffic Exchanges….

>> Click Here To Join EasyHits4U <<
>> Click Here To Join Traffic Bonus <<
>> Click Here To Join TrafficAdBar <<

Referral Link:


Step 4. PTC Advertising

The most responsive kind of advertising to get referrals into the best ptc sites available that I’ve used is advertising on similar websites such as NeoBux. There are many many other PTC/GPT type sites out there that you can use but I typically stick to the ones with the biggest database of members. That way I get my ads delivered fast.

Here’s what you need to do…..

Signup To The PTC Sites Below and Purchase PTC Credits at the best ptc sites – as many as you can afford.  Setup Your Ad’s and Add Credits to them. Sit back and relax as your downline grows! Repeat this process as much as you can for maximum income!

Here’s my Recommended PTC Sites…

>> Click Here To Join NeoBux <<
>> Click Here To Join ClixSense <<
>> Click Here To Join Twickerz <<

Here’s the PTC advertisement I use….

Title: Get Paid For EVERYTHING That YOU Do!

Subtitle/Description: Brand New GPT Site Just Opened and Paying BIG! Join NOW!

Your Referral Link: http://myptcreferrallink.com

Make sure to change your Referral Link to the Correct One!

PRO TIP:  If you really want the best bang for you buck, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND choosing the Fixed Ad option or the Sticky Ad PTC option as it’s truly the best way to get the most traffic. This means that your link will be shown unlimited times per day that you pay for. You can pay 1-30 days unlimited sticky traffic. 

That’s all I have as of right now, keep checking back frequently as I update this guide!


Ryan Oakley