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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Guide: The Complete Edition

If you want to make a living online then you should definitely understand what exactly affiliate marketing is. This affiliate marketing guide will teach you precisely what affiliate marketing is and how to become an affiliate marketer.

I’ve created a comprehensive affiliate marketing guide that will teach you just about everything you need to know when it comes to affiliate marketing.

I will also be updating this affiliate marketing guide regularly so make sure that you bookmark this to come back to it!

Are you ready to get started? GREAT!

Let’s go…

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide For 2017

affiliate marketing guide

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an incredibly simple concept.

With the popularity of the internet, it’s become increasingly harder for merchants to find customers for their products and services.  The answer for this problem they were having was simple: Affiliate Marketing.

This put merchants on a competitive level with those with a huge marketing budget. Basically, the job of an affiliate is to find customers for the merchant.

In return, the affiliate receives a commission for this.

It works out for the merchant because they don’t need to pay any expenses out of their pocket until they make a sale!

It works out for the affiliate because they don’t have to worry about providing support for the sale or shipping any products. They just take their commission and keep bringing in customers.

You see the simplicity of this concept?

It’s totally win win win for everyone involved in the transaction. The merchant and the affiliate both make money while the customer gets a product or service that they wanted.

So you can finally understand why exactly affiliate marketing is popular and can be very profitable.

It’s always so cut and dry though. As the internet has progressed, so has affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, you can now get paid for everything from individual clicks you send to an advertiser to every new email submission that a advertiser receives.

It can be a little confusing at times. Inside of this affiliate marketing guide I will explain everything as straight as I possibly can.

Types Of Offers

Now that you understand what affiliate marketing is and does. I will explain to you the type of offers that you can partake in as an affiliate marketer.


This stands for “cost per click” and is usually used by advertising companies such as Google Adsense or other contextual advertising services.  The advertiser is paying the affiliate for clicks it receives on it’s individual advertisements. This type of offer is great for blogs or websites.

It’s also usually the simplest as the advertisers will have their ads setup already and all you have to do is stick them on your website or blog to make money from them. Google Adsense is the #1 highest paying CPC provider.


This stands for “cost per impression” which is almost the same as cost per click above but instead of the advertiser paying for clicks they are paying for impressions of their ad.  Each time a person loads a website or blog and an ad is displayed, that is considered an impression.

Typically, the advertiser will bid by the thousand. Most of the time, this kind of advertising is reserved for websites or blogs that receive a lot of visitors every day. Most of the time the traffic is fairly untargeted and expensive.

One advertising network that specializes in CPM is BuySellAds.


This stands for “cost per action” (Noticing a similarity here?).  Generally speaking, the advertiser will pay for the affiliate to generate a specific action from a user. This could be a simple email submission to a full survey submission.

As the affiliate, you will get paid a small fee for each action you generate. Action is not only limited to submissions of forms. There are other more complicated actions.  Sometimes it’s a credit card required submission. You’ll get paid based on the difficulty of the action.

My favorite CPA marketplace is ClickSure.


This stands for “Cost Per Lead” which is basically the same as cost per action. However, this is specifically for leads. The affiliate will get paid for any contact information generated by them. That means the user has to submit a form with their name, address, phone number, and email.

My favorite CPL marketplace is ClickSure.


This is the last but not the least by far. This stands for “Cost Per Sale” and is the bread and butter of affiliate marketing.  As I explained before, this is where a merchant pays for a sale generated by the affiliate. It’s pretty simple, you send a customer to the merchant, the customer buys something, you get a percentage of the sale price.

There are a lot of different networks that offer this but CJ & Shareasale are some of the best for physical products.  Clickbank is one of the best for digital products.

Affiliate Networks

In this affiliate marketing guide, I mention affiliate networks a lot because as an affiliate your life will basically revolve around a specific network.

You’ll need to pick out a few different networks and diversify your offers to really start making money. I will list my favorite affiliate networks below based on what type of offers they will give you.


Google Adsense – Still the top dog when it comes to CPC advertising. They have the highest payouts and the most advertisers. They are the king and will remain so for a long time is my guess. However, they can be a little bit picky if you have questionable content or borderline questionable content.


BuySellAds – There are other networks out there that will pay for impressions but this is the only one that I’ve seen that pays it’s affiliates decent prices. You’ll need to have an established website, community, or blog to be accepted by this network.


Clicksure – Still my favorite for all CPA offers. They have a nice variety. There are other places out there that I will add to this guide very soon.


Shareasale – This is a pretty consistent network with a lot of physical products and stores available for you to choose from. It’s reliable and the owner Brian is a big affiliate marketer.

Commission Junction – CJ has been around since the beginning. They used to house ebay’s affiliate program before they discontinued it. It’s a great place to find any kind of affiliate offer you’d want.

Clickbank –  Clickbank is one of my favorites because they deal in digital products only which means zero shipping headaches and everything is instant.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers

Traffic is just another word for people who are visiting your affiliate offer or website.

The biggest part of being an affiliate is driving targeted traffic to your affiliate offer of choice. Traffic Generation is beyond the scope of this affiliate marketing guide but I will cover it in general here.

I could fill a few books on this subject so I’ll be updating this over time 🙂

Build Your Own Website or Blog

Building your own website is a great way to attract people interested in the affiliate offer that you are promoting.

You first need to figure out what subject you wish to create a website about. After you’ve come up with a good idea of the subject, you need to figure out exactly what type of website it will be. Will it be a blog focused on providing content related to your subject? What about a community based website that people can join and share their ideas about your subject?

There’s a lot of different types of websites you can create. Just make sure that whatever idea you have, it’s something that people who are interested in your subject will want to visit.

Buy Traffic

Nowadays, you can reach virtually unlimited people for a price. The trick is being able to turn the traffic you buy into more money than you buy it for. It’s a bit difficult but it can be achieved with vigorous testing. You can buy traffic from the biggest websites in the world at places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords.

Build An Email List

This is one of my favorite methods of getting traffic to affiliate offers. You can combine this with creating a website and double up on your affiliate earnings. For example, instead of sending your traffic directly to your affiliate offer. You can send traffic to a simple one page website that asks for the user’s email address. You can give them an incentive for providing their email address such as a free e-book, free training, cheat sheet, or a free video that is related to whatever offer you are promoting.

That’s it for my affiliate marketing guide. I will be updating this guide every so often with even more valuable information. I highly suggest that you bookmark this page and check back every so often 🙂


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