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Achieve Network Marketing Success in 2016

By Richard A. Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine®

14a Letter From Publisher 2015

Network Marketing, a growing segment of the home business industry, is attractive to people because of the income potential, the low startup costs, the quality products and/or services offered that people can use and feel passionate about, the low overhead, the training and support provided by the network marketing companies, and , the flexibility to work part-time or full-time.

Network marketing companies recruit teams of sales people (distributors) to promote their products and services. These distributors recruit their own teams of distributors and so on and so on, which creates a network of people – a downline. Those who work hard and build a strong network downline can earn enormous amounts of money and can transition from part-time to full-time if desired.

Most people who want to work from home can’t afford franchises, which is one reason they are turning to network marketing. In order to achieve long-term network marketing success, people must believe in the network marketing industry, in the company they represent, and in themselves. They must have the passion, drive, and investment money to get a network marketing business started and to keep it growing. Another reason people are turning to network marketing is that it is also a home business that anyone can do. People just need to do the necessary research to select a network marketing company that is right for them and that has the highest chances of success.

Merv Stevens, a successful network marketer (http://wealthsuccessventures.com), nicely and briefly sums up the steps to success in network marketing and in life:

  1. Provide quality products and services.
  2. Offer great value.
  3. Use proven marketing strategies.
  4. Have a winning mindset.
  5. Treat people with respect.
  6. Act ethically and with integrity.

If you consistently do these six steps, you can succeed in your network marketing business and in all areas of your life in 2015. HBM

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