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9 Tips For Better Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaign is a vital part of any marketing strategy. They build relationships and communicate with prospects, collect vital data and help to increase marketing return on investment. As essential as these campaigns are for a lot of marketers, most fail to recognize the mark and they continue to fall short of returns.
In order to build and execute an effective email marketing campaigns, you have to be attentive to your audience, the message and then avoid mistakes of blasting out self promotional messages. This will prompt recipients to hit the delete button instead of opening your message. To get you on the right path, below are nine tips for email marketing.

email marketing tips1. Your email should have obvious links

The aim of your email is to drive traffic to your landing page or website. When you do not drive clicks to your page or a site, users will not converts to customers or sign ups. The way this can be accomplished is very simple. You have to capitalize on every moment where users feel the need to click. Include a lot of links and ensure that they look like links. Use strong calls to action.

2. Reduce the use of images

A lot of recipients are not going to see the pictures that are included in the email. This means that all the photos you include will be wasted space. Rather than using image heavy designs, use well coded html. Do not send an email that is one big image and do not put any messaging on an image which a user has to see to complete the action that you want from an email. Too many emails will be a distraction.

3. Easy to unsubscribe

Although it might seem counter intuitive to make it easy for someone to leave your mailing list, the other alternative is less appealing. When people get frustrated as they are trying to figure out how to remove their email from your list, they will start to flag your email as spam. Every person that flags your email as spam is running your reputation with email providers and it makes it harder to get your email into the inbox instead of junk folder.

4. Maximize your email template dimensions

You do not have a lot of space in someone’s inbox to write your message and most users will be looking at your email in a preview pane where images are turned off. Your html email template should not be more than six hundred pixels wide. You should also consider a secondary column on the left or right hand side to get more information above the fold of an email preview pane.

5. Texts should be short and easy to scan

Most users are not going to read the full message of your email. They will look if there are key points they might be interested in. Do not bore them with a lot of content that they do not find to be useful in any way. The texts have to be short and use bold fonts and additional colors to highlight phrases and words that you think will be important to your users and clients. A lot of text is going to get your email deleted.

6. Your email list should be clean

There is absolutely no value in failing to take time and effort to ensure that you are getting rid of bad email addresses from your list. Ensuring that email addresses that are not well formatted are caught when someone signs up and removing them from your email list is not optional if you want to have a successful email marketing campaign. In the event your list shows a higher percentage of undeliverable email addresses, the providers are going to mark you as spam.

7. Use alt text, linking with images and title

Due to the fact that using images in an email can create unwanted space, it is essential that you maximize the code behind the images. Ensure that all your images have both title text and an alt text since browsers are going to read those two types of texts differently. Do not forget to verify that your images are links to your landing page or website. This way, your dead space is still going to drive in traffic to your intended destination.

8. Send test emails before mailing the main list

Nothing sucks like sending an email only to realize later on that it went directly to the spam folder. Before you email your entire list, be sure to send a test version to a test account using each email provider such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail and others. If there are significant segments on your list using another provider, you have to include it in your test too. If you see there are any errors, you will have time to disassemble the email and then fix them or remove the segment that has problems from your email list.

9. Do not forget to piggyback a text version

You need to decide if you are going to use a text only email or an html email. It is vital that you consider using both. If you are going to use an html email, you have to piggyback a text only version of the email. A lot of people prefer to view emails as text only and an increasing number of people are only reading text based emails on their mobile phones.

Ask people to include you on their contact list. At every possible chance, remind users that they can be guaranteed they are not going to miss out on any valuable information that they love getting from you if they include your send address to their email contact list. The more people do that, the better your deliverability is going to be.
The above nine email marketing tips are going to make you a good email marketer and better than most people. As you will be putting together your email campaign, use the tips above and you will be fine.

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