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9 Important Ways To Make Money Blogging

If you want to make money by blogging, you will be pleased to know that it is not a hard thing to do. The amount of money you are going to make will depend on your efforts to create a good blog, increase your audience and constantly test new money making methods in order to find one that will meet your audience expectations for your blog and your own goals for the blog. With this in mind, below are nine ways you can make money by blogging.
blogging and making money with blogging1. Monthly advertisement

One of the main ways that blogs being to make money is by selling advertising space on their pages. Advertisements can be seen on side bars on blogs and sites and there is a reason why people are using them. If you use a place such as Buy Sell Ads to run your advertisements, you can simply sit down and watch people purchase the ads without you having to do anything.
You can also sell advertising directly on your site via an “advertise here” page which informs visitors how to pay for the ads. This is ideal as you do not have to pay a percentage of your profits to Buy Sell Ads although you will need to do more work.
2. Pay Per Click advertising
Another popular way to make money with your blog is through pay per click advertising. The most common way to run pay per click advertisements is via Google Adsense. With and Adsense, you will be able to add some code on your blog and Google will be able to choose searches that match up to the content that are found on your pages.

Every time someone is going to click on the link in the ad, you will get paid. This is very simply and that is why most people prefer to use Google Adsense when they are starting out.

3. EBooks

This type of money making method is mostly used by websites that sell ebooks or other digital download products such as premium design resources and WordPress themes. While ebooks take a lot of time to create, the potential payoff is a lot. Rather than having to sell your ebook through another company, you can sell it directly to your audience and get more profit. Selling ebooks is a passive way of earning money from your blog. Once you set a link for people to pay and download, you do not have to do anything again. It is going to make you money over and over again.
4. Affiliate promotions

This is another method of making cash from actual product which you can promote on your blog without making the products yourself. When you are an affiliate for someone else, you will be able to make a percentage of the earning when you send to them sales and traffic. You can sign up and promote books at Amazon or WordPress themes from elegant themes. This is an ideal way of mixing up your earnings via your blog and when you promote high quality products, your visitors are not going to mind at all.
5. Donations

You can make money using your blog by pushing out a lot of free useful content and asking for donations. Although you might not get donations from every visitor, there are those who feel as though you are offering a lot of value to simply take it and run hence they will donate to you.
This can be done by setting up a PayPal donate button on the sidebar or at the end of your articles. The visitor should be able to click the button and then select the amount they would like to donate to you.

6. Membership packages
When you set up a blog, you can create a membership area with different membership scripts such as wishlist member which allows you to post content for viewers to view for free and then add extra special content which users are required to pay for. Make sure the extra content is special and will entice users to choose a membership package.

7. Sell services

In the event you have a blog and you also work as a freelancer, there is a great chance that you will be able to make money from the blog by providing your services. If you have a site that educates people on how to make money from their blogs and you are also a designer, you should promote your services on your blog. People who are interested in that topic will know the importance of having a good design for their own blog.
If you are going to write blog articles for other bloggers, you should showcase your writing skills. This shows that you are able to write on different topics. Your name will also be put as an authority who knows how to write content that brings in traffic.
8. Consulting

If you are a professional in your field, then consulting is an ideal way to monetize your blog. To get the ball rolling, you should constantly blog about your field of expertise. The more you write about a specific topic, the more your audience will start to see you as an authority on that particular subject. A lot of people are able to detect a fraud from a mile away although many people should be viewed as experts and consider starting a consulting business via their blog.

9. Join a blogging network

There are a lot of networks where blogs and bloggers are all under one large brand or company. Most of these blogs pay bloggers a flat fee per post or per word that is written. Another way is by getting a percentage from advertising earnings which are tied to the number of page views that a post generates. You should make sure that the opportunities you are pursuing match your long term blogging goals.
As seen above, it is very easy to make money via a blog and all you need to get started is to create a good blog.

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