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9 Easy and Guaranteed Online Money Making Tips

make money online tipsThe internet is a land of opportunity for businesses and people looking to make money online. There are numerous proven ways for making money online and while some will earn you a moderate living, others can easily make you rich – some, however, are outright pitfalls used by unscrupulous people promising great earning opportunities for a fee.

Here is an overview of 9 sure ways to make money online.

1. Blogging

Blogs have evolved from the personal journals where people can tell their stories or air their views to full-time online money making platforms.

Blogs are very popular with people with a common interest, so long as they are appealing to the masses. They are informative but unlike website, they go beyond the formalities to reach out to the readers with some personality, allowing them to create a following – some register millions of visitors every month, most of whom are return visitors. Consequently, for businesses and companies, blogs are the ideal platform to advertise in the hopes of reaching a wide audience.

Once your blog has acquired a sizeable following, you can proceed to offer advertisement space on your blog, where clients can place adds and pay you a set amount each time the ads are clicked by your visitors – this assures you a steady monthly income, as all you have to do is continue blogging and keeping your visitors engaged.

2. Freelancing

Some professions do not necessarily require a brick-and-mortar premise to attract clients, as the skills and talent required are within you. People in such professions, such as programmers, designers, advisors, and tutors are able to operate wholly online by looking for clients online and transacting the completed work and fees for services face-to-face or online.

As a freelancer, you can choose to build your own pool of clients by selling your services online, or sign up with a website that hires en masse. Signing up with a website will allow you to easily find projects as clients congregate on websites with an authority, but you will also be required to pay a small commission to the website for every work paid for.

With time, you can grow your name by offering consistently quality services and get your personal pool of clients to work with for long-term contracts.

3. Content writing

Paid writing is one of the most popular ways to make money online – all you need is a good command of English and the ability to compose engaging content. With these skills, you will find numerous clients seeking content based on topics such as product reviews, tutorials, blog posts, and creative writing, among numerous other options.

There are numerous paid writing websites on the internet, which offer different levels of services and equally different salaries. Some will pay you as little as $1 for articles (these are content mills and are only good for gaining experience) while other will buy every article for $100, so long as you deliver on quality and offer their visitors useful information that is interesting to read.

4. Academic writing

Unlike content writing, academic writing requires that you be a professional in a certain academic field or have education and papers to show for it. Here, you are assigned writing tasks of an academic nature such as writing school essays or proposals.

Academic writing takes longer as comprehensive research has to be conducted and citations made to show reference and proof for your work. To this end, academic writing is usually recommended for people who may have taken courses in popular fields such as mathematics, history, and science. With this, all you need to do is take other people’s projects, write them in a perfect manner by utilizing your knowledge and conducting some research, and submit them for payment – payment per page ranges at $20-$30 on websites with a wide following.

5. Affiliate marketing

You can also develop a business website but instead of selling your products, register as an affiliate with a larger business and help sell their products. It may require some effort, but it eliminates the need for a huge capital and can be conducted entirely on the internet.

As mentioned, a website is necessary to market these products. This website should be optimized to attract traffic – aspects such as good design, ease of navigation, and quality and informative content have to be considered. This will earn you a better ranking on major search engines such s Google and Yahoo, increasing traffic and increasing the number of people buying your products – the main supplier will then pay you a certain commission for every product you sell, alongside other perks such as discounts for great performance.

6. Transcription

All you need to become a transcriptionist on the internet is quality headphones, a computer, and fast typing skills. What makes transcription writing incredibly easy is that you are only required to listen to an audio recording and write what you here down for a complementing written reference. Unlike content and academic writing, it does not involve numerous rules concerning citations or grammar, but different clients will have specific rules to follow.

Transcription jobs are, simply put, numerous, and companies such as TranscribeMe are always looking for new transcribers – it does not take more than an hour to sign up and familiarize yourself with the job.

7. Taking paid surveys

Companies and businesses are always looking for input to improve the quality of their products and services in order to make more sales. To get first-hand information, these companies frequently offer online paid surveys where people who have used their products or potential users answer some questions such as their likes and dislikes of certain products, their frequency of usage, and their opinions on what can be done better.

These surveys are short, quick, and easy to answer – they also do not pay much but the income eventually builds up as you take more surveys each day.

8. Forex trading

Forex trading was once considered a privilege for the wealthy and the elite in society, thanks to the enormous capital and intense analysis it required. That has changes and today people can trade virtually every currency online with an investment of as low as $100.

Forex brokers have set up shop online, offering trading platforms and software that stream live performance of different currencies and allow users to buy and sell their currencies instantly.What’s more, professional traders offer their advice and predictions online too, helping other inexperienced traders make trades based on the promising analysis and boosting their chances of making a profit.

Additionally, there is a host of trading software, which analyze currencies’ performance and predicts the best likely outcome.

However, some skills and knowledge are required before getting into forex trading – you need to be good at math, be patient, and be able to separate your emotions from your decisions. While it may seem demanding, it is possible with some training and if you execute your trades well, you can make an enviable income, as profits are huge owing to the numerous trading opportunities.

9. Virtual assistant

The role of a virtual assistant is crucial yet easy – it entails picking phone calls and guiding the callers appropriately, all from the comfort of your home. It is nonetheless a lucrative and easy job for making money online and virtually anyone can become a virtual assistant.

Numerous firms and online business regularly post vacancies for virtual assistants on their websites or other popular platforms such as craigslist. All you need to do is apply, take a short interview designed to assess your speaking fluency and other aspects such as tone, and then get some guidance on how you should guide callers.

Avoiding making money online scams

As mentioned earlier, people seeking to make money online can easily fall prey to cons also looking to make quick money online. As such, it is always important to be alert when signing up for an online job to ensure you do not end up getting reaped off.

Here are some tips for avoiding online money making scams:

• Avoid paying for a working opportunity

The first thing to look out for should be jobs with investments – jobs that require you to pay some money before you can begin making money. Legit employers are not concerned about your money but rather about the services you can offer and requirements should not go beyond tests.

• Reputation

Some employers will hire your services but for a pitiful fee, which may not even be worth your time let alone your skills. These employers are widely known, so conduct some research to know the best employers and make your application with them – exhibit outstanding quality to land a job or else you will end up working for the mills.


Time is money, and the internet has a host of opportunities for making money online. As such, take advantage of these opportunities and make money doing any of these jobs – they are simple, enjoyable, and will definitely pay your bills.

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