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8 Ways To Use Viral Marketing To Instantly Boost Your Internet Business

Viral marketing is one of the best tools available for internet marketers today. It’s an excellent way to produce amazing results while being cost-efficient and effective in advertising terms. With so much competition and similar jostling going on, it will definitely be wise to make use of all marketing techniques you have in your arsenal.

Sure, you can have a killer website or a product that looks like the next best thing, but it wouldn’t reach its full potential without effective marketing. Viral marketing is such a good advertising platform to use because of its ability to get passed down from one internet user or online community to another via various online mediums. At the right time, viral marketing can make your business a renowned brand.

Viral marketing is essentially word-of-mouth advertising that has stood the test of time. We’ve done it at one point- recommended a product to our friends, family and co-workers because it gave us so much value. Told our acquaintances to use this brand because it has satisfied us, or even wowed us. Marketing approach incorporates various types of media in an effort to reach out to its target audience without product promotion. It rides on other online vehicles that web users love to pass around their circles. Viral marketing has to avoid being seen as spam, and count on a web user’s willingness to “spread” the word.

There are many forms of viral marketing. There’s text messaging, white papers, interactive content, reports, e-books, videos, articles and tweets. Achieving viral status means your business or brand can reach millions of people from all over the world in the blink of an eye.

Consider using these 8 fantastic viral marketing techniques to reach out to your intended audience:

Social Media



Hotmail was the first ever to achieve viral status, long before social media was born. Still, it’s hard to achieve profound success in today’s instant world without creating an account for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and using it to full effect. Social media marketing is a whole new level of marketing strategy in that it could be explosively exciting if it catches fire.



Ebooks are considered good viral marketing materials because they are easy to make and they have the potential to reach a larger audience than most. Your e-book should have content that offers good value. It should be entertaining, interesting and educational so people will read it and pass it along their social circle.

It doesn’t have to be made by you- rebrandable e-books are available and they do the same thing. There’s even an affiliate program you can join which lets you access to all kinds of ready-made, rebrandable e-books you can sell or offer as a promotional product.

They can be incorporated in viral marketing methods such as sending an opt-in subscriber list free e-books and/or email courses. Once the recipient sees the value of it, it won’t be long until they pass it on to their friends.

Article Marketing



Writers can contribute to creating good articles that have a chance to go viral. In the same vein as the e-book, they have to provide good value, be entertaining, educational and interesting enough so people will want to share it. Great content has always been used to bring in targeted traffic for websites. With articles, you can create an unlimited number of content with different topics to choose from.

You can submit these articles to create backlinks and gain more authority. Furthermore, you can create videos from the same content using a good conversion software for maximum business efficiency. If you can’t write to save you life, don’t worry- there are plenty of reputable writing services on the web you can visit to get the content you need at a reasonable price.



We all know how this goes- upload a unique, funny, entertaining, or educational video on media-sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo and watch as the “views” come pouring in by the thousands, even millions. Case in point- Ted Williams. Need we say more?

Email Signatures


Email signatures can be one of the best viral marketing tools you can use for your disposal, and it can double as a traffic generator for your business website as well. You can add your website’s HTML address and put in a few comments under your signature on all your outgoing emails to start this marketing strategy. Most of the email providers already know this, and have options on their email services which you can use to your marketing advantage.

How did Hotmail go about spreading its brand throughout the whole world? Viral marketing then was used to name something that Hotmail did, bringing in 8 million users worldwide in just a span of 18 months. You see, they included a clickable line of text that was in each Hotmail user’s email. It reads, “Sent from my free Hotmail account. Get your own free web-based email account Here!”



This viral marketing tool is great for keeping your brand name in front and spread it out in great numbers. It’s simple- you just need to always tell the readers to pass that particular newsletter to others who may find it useful, informational or entertaining. All you need to do is ask; usually, these people will do as you say.

The Social Share Widget


Include them in your website to make it easy for your readers and visitors to share your content across all available media platforms.

The Tweet Button


You can see it everywhere, at least on all the websites you visit. The “Tweet” button is a widget which allows users to automatically post tweets to their Twitter account from that website. The tweets you send using the Tweet Button are made with a shortened url linking to the website where it was sent, with an option to customize the content before posting to Twitter. It’s a great way to let your visitors share your content with just a click of a button.

Viral marketing is enjoyed by small and big companies alike, many of whom has had wildly successful stories using this nifty strategy. Are you ready to create your own viral marketing content? You’ll need some innovative ideas, a funny story, a cool game or the next greatest hype. Act now and you can reap the full benefits of viral marketing and what it can do for your business.

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