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Making Money Online

7 Ways You Can Make Money Online That You’ve Never Heard Of!

There are literally hundreds of different ways of making money online. Thousands of everyday people like you and me are enjoying the benefits of self employment when they start up their own home business!

Sometimes all you’ll need is your very own website, some website traffic and a convincing way to market your products and services. Other methods of home-based opportunities will depend on a specific skill. No matter what you choose, there’s certainly a way you can make money by doing what you love.

Here are 7 ways you can earn money on the internet:

1. Freelancing

One way to go freelance is to start a blog about a particular niche, but that’s not all freelancing does. The great thing about freelancing is that you work at your own schedule and be the boss of yourself!

For example, you can take up freelance writing and learn about how to compose your articles better. Start browsing around freelance websites that offer specialized writing for a particular niche. You’ll get to see the various platforms and publications, and learn a thing or two about blog content. If you’re particularly fond of popular topics such as food, current lifestyles and travel, then you can apply to write for a particular company.

You can also self-publish if you wish to get personal acclaim for your written content. It’s a good way to become world-famous! You’ll have the option to e-publish it on popular platforms such as Kindle, Amazon, etc. You can also do freelance work based on your education, for example graphic design, programming, etc.

2. Specialized Coaching

Look around the world wide web and you’ll start seeing websites and bloggers offering specialized coaching services. The great thing about coaching is that this niche is reaching an all-time high! There’s more and more demand nowadays because people and companies see it as a necessity and not just luxury.

Do you have years and years of experience working in a certain profession or industry? Then your accumulated skills may be in demand. You can get into fields that teach about life, spiritual discovery, inner peace, etc and go from there. You can convert a room in your house into a meeting place and start making money from there. A growing economy means there’s always a demand for coaches.

3. SEO Reviewing

If you’ve worked online before then chances are that you’ve come across SEO. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best marketing methods to gain more exposure on the internet, and businesses are looking for experts to help them be more visible online. With the right training and attitude, you can be an SEO reviewer make excellent money online for it.

Check out sites that offer SEO reviewer positions. Take part in the training and if you pass, you’ll be reviewing online content using a set guideline and by your own learned judgment. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to be familiar with what’s popular in a certain area.

4. Sell On eBay

It’s the simplest and the most direct way to make a profit. Do you have an item you don’t need anymore? Then sell it online and make a living off of it!

Do a quick survey of the things in your house. Pick the things you don’t need or those that you wish to sell. Take a good picture, then create a good description for it. Post your item online and find someone who’d be willing to pay money for it. You can make it more exciting by placing it on an auction. Find more items around the house to sell, and voila! You have a home-based business.

There’s an art to selling items on Amazon or eBay. There are also rules and site guidelines you’ll have to follow. So do a quick scan first and see if your idea will fly. Post legit product listings and make it attractive to the buyer. Produce high quality pictures and follow up on your customer service to get repeat customers.

5. Website Flipping

Domain name flipping, or otherwise known as website flipping is fast becoming a lucrative home-based business. The term flipping itself comes from the concept of buying a real estate cheap, then doing some home improvements and selling it for a higher price.

Instead of real properties, you can buy domain names off the internet. These domains make up the address of a particular web page. Start looking around the internet for good domain name addresses, or make up one of your own that you think will be valuable later on. Spend a few dollars to a hundred, then make the site more attractive and optimize it for SEO. With some luck and a sound marketing strategy, you can locate companies or individuals who need the web domain and are willing to pay you a substantial amount to own the domain name.

6. Paid Surveys

There’s probably no other way of making easy money than participating in a survey and voicing out your opinions. As it turns out, there’s quite a huge number of major brands and companies who’d love to hear what you have to say and pay you ample compensation for it!

The pay rate varies depending on where the surveys are coming from and how long it takes to complete. Generally, simple surveys take up a few minutes of your time and are worth a few dollars. Other surveys that could take up half an hour to an hour will pay you for the length of time and the insight that you, the consumer will give them. It’s a win-win situation for the company as they will get unbiased feedback, and you because you earned money online!

7. Selling Handmade Items

Do you have a hobby that involves creating things out of nothing? Don’t let your talent go to waste- sell your handmade items on popular sites such as Etsy, ArtFire.com, Amazon and earn money doing the things you love!

Handmade can mean a lot of things, but the most popular businesses nowadays are knitting, crochet, needlework, quilting, painting, sculpting, designing and making small accessories. There are appropriate categories for each handmade item on market sites. You won’t have to go far when selling these types of products; just stick to your passion and start churning out these goods as the orders come.

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