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7 Ways To Promote Your Home Business

If you own a home based business, it is vital that you have a good promotional plan. You are not going to succeed if people are not aware of your existence. The best thing with a home business, is the fact that there are methods you can use to promote it. Below are seven ways to promote home business to potential customers.

ways to promote your home business1. Create a blog

A blog should be your cyberspace where you can share ideas, thoughts and pictures as you promote your business. The blog will become part of your company brand where potential and past clients will keep up with your business. It is easy to start a blog. You first need to look for a host. Blogger and WordPress are two free popular platforms for creating your own blog.
Buy a pro bloggers guide on blogging for your business. It is going to guide you through the whole process from selecting a host to using your blog as a promotional tool. Decide on the type of content you are going to offer on your blog and then be consistent. Whether you decide to write about business or you combine business content with personal posts, do not forget that consistency is key.

2. Use social media

There is a reason why social media is everywhere. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are ideal for connecting businesses with potential clients and spreading message over the internet. The best thing is that social media is free. Whether your business is a large corporation or simply a startup one, use social media to promote your services and goods.
Sign up for a Twitter account and begin to connect. This social network allows people to connect with their target market. Always remember to be consistent with your message and brand. Create a Facebook business page to get in touch with potential clients on an interactive and highly visible level.

LinkedIn is ideal in locating people who can help you to expand your business. Connect with retailers, media experts and wholesalers all in one place. It is also easy to find service providers like web designers and copywriters on LinkedIn. It is not compulsory that you are on every social media out there, choose the ones that you think are going to give you the type of exposure that you are looking for.
3. Purchase an ad
The best way you can promote your home business is by going where your customers are. This can either be done in real life or virtually. Figure out the magazines your customers like to read, the websites or blogs they visit frequently and any local or national events they are attending. Once you know this information, you should then go to the. Purchase advertisements in online and print media.

4. Be known

Publicity is not just for celebrities but for everyone. With a bit of handwork and a lot of persistence, you can get a lot of free publicity. Media professionals are always looking for people, stories, companies and products that they will feature in their blogs, newspapers and television.

For you to get on the limelight, create a list of blogs, magazines and other media outlets that are ideal for your business. If you are selling a product, know the magazine that is going to feature it. If you offer services, know the blogs that will rave about you. Once you know where you are going to get popular, find out whom you can contact.

Create a brief pitch that is going to entice media folks. Email them and then follow up politely. Most opportunities to become popular are lost by not following up. Have a press kit. This is a major marketing tool that you can avail on your website to make it easy for media experts to locate and feature you. A standard press kit includes a short biography, a professionally taken head shot or a picture of your product and a press release which provides information about you and your product or services.

5. List it
Showcase your business on sites that have readymade clientele. A website like elance will allow you to list your service business, portfolio and resume. Clients that are looking to hire service providers will go through businesses such as yours to decide who they will hire. The trick here is to stand out from the crowd. Make sure you are posting your best clips to show and inform clients why they need to select you over another business.

6. Opt for local
It might seem like a no brainer to promote your business where you live but this is a step that a lot of home business owners usually overlook. You need to be sure that people who are searching locally can locate you. When someone is searching for wedding invitations Houston TX and you are a Houston based designer, you will be hired. The two places you should list your business locally is Yelp and Google places. Log in your information and you will be findable both online and locally.

7. Crowdfunding
Kickstarter which is the largest crowdfunding website in the world has been used by very many users to get capital for projects and developments. If you have not though of using it, you should even if you do not need the money.
The best thing about crowdfunding is the fact that it creates a hype and buzz and gets your name out there. In the event your business plan is compelling enough, passionate users are going to give you their full support. They will be more than willing to advertise on your behalf by word of mouth.

However, it is vital that you know a lot of work goes into the success of a Kickstarter campaign but in the end, it is all worthwhile. All you need is to get exposure and if for some reason you do not like kickstarter, there are a lot of other crowdfunding options out there to choose from.

Use the above methods to promote your home business and be on your way to reaping a lot of benefits.

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