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Make Money Online Using Your Spare Free Time

make money from homeMany people have free time at home and they would like to make some extra cash or perhaps they are seeking financial independent that working from home can provide.

With the rapid growth of the Cloud, it is now easier than ever to make money on the internet.

Today, we will look a 3 different ways to get cash from the Internet with the chicest presented today you can chose the one that you are comfortable with and use to make money online.
When you are finished reading this article you will have a selection of businesses that are easy to start and require little if any cash outlay or technical expertise beyond those computer skills you probably already possess if your are reading this.

So sit back, relax, and let us show you how to make money on the internet with your own home business.

Online Transcriptionist.

Many SMBs would like to hire a full office staff but lack the cash to do this. Their next best option is outsource this work to the web.

By looking at Craigslist, you can see these jobs advertised every day.

In order to do this often all you need is:

a PayPal account
a pc or laptop
Word processer software such as MS word, Open Office, or Corel’s Word Perfect
An audio headset
Yahoo Messenger
Software to play multimedia files
You next apply for the job and when you get it, you take the material in the form of mp3 voice files or even Skype online while your client dictates to you.

You get the information, type it up, and format it and send it via email, Skype file transfer, or even via Messenger.

You are paid per job or if you are hired as freelancer, you might even end up with a contract at a regular salary.

You can set up an account on Freelancer here at https://www.freelancer.com

Open an online Store
With the fact that the Internet is worldwide. Many are opening their own online store.

Amazon and EBay facilitate this and have online storefront you can setup for next to nothing.

To do this you may only need a cell phone camera.

You can go to your local ethnic area and many of them sell wholesale products. This is especially true near your local Chinatown.

Here you can buy various products at cut-rate prices. You then make up a catalog and put it up on Amazon or EBay and you are paid via PayPal.

A customer sees something you have up in your store, they place an order, and you fill the order.

The real beauty of this is if you are close to a wholesale outlet you need not even have the item on hand until it is ordered.

You can wait until an order is made before actually obtaining the item and then ship it.

This way you don’t need to warehouse product until you actually need it.

This mimics the JIT (Just In Time) system used today in many firms such as FTD.

Where at many locations the store is empty until 10 am when the flowers are brought in via overnight delivery.

You can use this same method to stock your virtual store as well.

In some instances, you don’t even have to have the product delivered to you.

You can have it drop-shipped directly to the customer with your labeling on the package as well.

You can place the order electronically and it is shipped to your customer.

Many suppliers in Asia are looking for agents in America to do exactly this and they will work with you to set up you supply chain.

Writing for Students or general content
Students today are hard pressed for time and require term papers, reports and Essays written quickly.

This offers you an opportunity to start an online student writing service.
For this you require an e-Mail account and flyers which you can do up in MS word and have printed at a local printing service.

Post these flyers at your local university, community college, or even at High schools.

You can get anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars for an essay or term paper.

If you worry about getting paid you can get these jobs from and online service such as Hirewriters.com or iWriters.com who handle all the mechanics of finding the clients, billing for your work, and sending your money to you via PayPal.

The money you make will be less true but you have less work to do as you just login to you writers account and select the jobs you want to write for.


There you have it 3 simple online businesses you let you work from home, which only require you to have a pc, intent connection, and a little ingenuity and a will to succeed to make your internet business a success.

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