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Making Money Online

6 Drop Dead Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Computer

Have you ever dreamed about finding some solid ways to make money online? If you are like the majority of the population, you like the idea of making money online by starting a home business or finding some other form of self-employment, you are tired of dealing with all of the scams that are out there and there are a lot of them. Most people start out looking for ways to make money online and then give up because they run into so many scams they decide it just isn’t worth it.

However, it is possible to make a decent side income online and in some cases, you can even become fully self-employed through your online endeavors. It really depends on how you approach the topic and how much effort you are willing to put into it.

If you really want to make money online, follow the six steps below in order to find some legitimate ways to make money and stop dealing with all the scams.

Sell Things

You can sell all kinds of things online. There are many ways to do this and you might choose only one or two methods or you may combine various avenues in order to make more money. For example, you can start selling unwanted items on eBay or Facebook or you can decide to create a full-blown home based business and sell items either on a place like Etsy or on your own website. Many people decide to combine these things in order to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. For example, you might choose to purchase items at a thrift store and then sell them for a higher price on eBay while you are simultaneously selling handcrafted goods on Etsy and operating your own website that advertises those same goods. By combining the different methods, you are generating multiple streams of income and ensuring that you are reaching a larger audience. The end result is that it becomes possible for you to make more money than if you were using only one of these methods at any given time.

Take Paid Surveys

If you decide to take paid surveys, you are not going to get rich and you’re not going to make a full-time income from these surveys. However, you can make some rather decent spending money. If you take several surveys on a daily basis, you might be able to make enough to pay for a few trips to the movies or for eating out for the month. Of course, you could also put that money toward some of your smaller bills. You might be able to pay for your cell phone bill or pay for your internet provider or you might be able to put gasoline in your car. Every little bit helps, so if you are combining this method with other ways of making money online, it is one more avenue for you to make more money than you would be making otherwise. One word of caution is that you should never sign up for paid surveys that require you to pay money upfront. These are scams. Look for paid surveys that don’t require any money up front in order for you to sign up and begin taking their surveys. You can find the list of legitimate paid survey sites by doing a quick online search.


If you happen to have a talent for writing or editing, you can start making money online as a freelancer. A lot of people do this and it works especially well if you already have a full-time job or you are a college student because you can usually set your own schedule and work whenever it is convenient for you, even if that means that you are working at two o’clock in the morning. Therefore, it also works especially well if you have a family that needs your attention at certain times of the day because you can then give them the attention that they need without sacrificing your ability to make money. Freelancing basically allows you to combine the best of both worlds by working online when you want to work and making as much money as you want to make one week while taking extra time off the next week. You can choose to strike out on your own or freelance with one of the many websites that are out there that require such services. The main thing you have to do is ensure that you do your homework ahead of time so that you end up working with someone who is reputable. If you want to make even more money, you can strike out on your own but you have to be persistent. Success in freelancing is not something that typically comes over night. You can make some decent money at it, but you have to give it the time and the effort that is required in order to do so.  Places like Upwork are excellent places to find easy freelance work.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re really good at office work, you might decide to become a virtual assistant. Again, this is something that you can do through either striking out on your own or working with a website that connects virtual assistants with the people that need them. That means that you have to ensure that any third-party you decide to associate yourself with is legitimate. This can be accomplished by doing online research or contacting the Better Business Bureau where that third-party is located. As far as the work itself goes, it is basically the same type of work that you would do if you were working as an administrative assistant in an office. The difference is that you are doing that work from your own house. You might have a set schedule as well as a set number of tasks that must be completed each day. However, if you enjoy that type of work, you can make a respectable amount of money by doing it.

Monetize a Blog or Videos on YouTube

Chances are, you will eventually decide to create a blog if you are running your own home-based business because it helps you promote your website, thereby allowing you to further promote the goods or services you are selling. However, some people actually make their money by blogging or creating videos on YouTube without having anything else involved. This is done through monetizing either the blog or the videos, depending on which category you are most interested in. You can monetize either one by incorporating ads into your work using adsense or something similar. The idea is to get a following, which you can do by further promoting that blog or video on social media. As your following grows, you can use a service such as adsense to create ads that then appear on your piece of work. Every time someone clicks on those ads, you get a small payout. If you manage to get a large enough following and there are enough people clicking on enough ads, you can make a steady stream of income. However, this is probably not something that will get you a lot of success unless you are willing to put in the time and the effort to create quality work and ensure a large following.

Publish eBooks

It has never been easier to publish a book than it is now. You can use services such as Kindle to publish ebooks and make a little bit of money every time someone purchases that book. The good news is that when you publish a book in this fashion, you are in total control as opposed to allowing some publishing company to make changes that you are uncomfortable with. In addition, you don’t have to write some 500-page novel in order to find success. A lot of books that sell very well through this avenue are less than 50 pages. Therefore, you can let your voice be heard and put information out there without being forced to write a ton of material. You might make some spending money or you can make more money than you ever expected. The truth is, you won’t really know until you give it a try, so if this is something you have always wanted to do, there’s no reason not to do it.

As you can see, making money online doesn’t have to be boring. You can utilize these steps to make money or you can find your own method of doing so. There are several additional ways to make money online that you can choose to utilize based on your own talents and personal preferences. It really comes down to doing something you enjoy and finding a way to make some extra money while you are doing it.

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