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5 Tips to Help You Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Articles-Writing-Make-Money-Online-Without-Any-InvestmentAs a freelance writer, you have the ability to work from home and command a fair pay rate. You will have an even better chance if you are an English native with a fast typing speed. If you aren’t certain the quality standard you need to meet, look up a few random articles on WiseGeek.com and get an idea on the level of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

Eliminate that pay ceiling and focus on high quality clients only.

With that said, here are five ways you can quickly improve and work towards those higher-level clients.

1) Scavenge through freelance writing forums.

Forums like WAHM and Warrior Forum are very helpful for newbies. They provide general information on how to start a home business, how to build an Internet business, and how anyone can make money on the Internet from home.

For writing-specific information, the forum includes an entire section dedicated to writers. You can also find information on copywriting, if you don’t have a particular interest in the style of most online articles, blog posts, reviews, and etc., as that’s what you would typically be writing.

You can find links to quality content mills that are reviewed by actual writers and you get a chance to jump on overflow work from a successful writer on the board.

2) Apply to popular freelance writing companies.

There are many writing businesses that hire freelance writers. Some examples include Copify, HireWriters, and TextBroker. While some are merely content mills, others are more marketplace-based and help to build a relationship between the client and writer. This interaction is invaluable as it allows both individuals to be on the same page with each project that’s taken. Plus, it can lead to private work being requested by the client at a later date.

3) Build a portfolio of samples for prospective clients.

If you’re new, you should want to get some experience right out the gate. Signing up at a few freelance writing companies may take some time as they require unique samples, but you can add these to your portfolio.

Make sure to only use your highest quality work for samples. Many writers get paid varying amounts by project and their work quality tends to mimic that. Take the time to create a few masterpieces and showcase them in your portfolio; the big spike in potential job leads will make it well worth the effort.

4) Get published work under your name.

Building a portfolio isn’t just about having a few great samples to attach with a job application. It’s a matter of having live samples to provide. This is the most solid proof of your work. An SEO company shows their strength by dominating the search results for very competitive keywords. This is usually shown in the keyword rankings for their company website.

The same is true with writing work; it’s hard to appreciate what an individual can create if there are no published pieces to publicly testify to the individual’s work quality.

5) Never lose hope.

The most important thing is to stay motivated. As a beginner, you may spend most of your time looking for work. You may even be wasting a lot of time looking for actual workplaces. After a while, you will start to do more work and you will get the hang of things. Finding jobs will be more systematic than anything.

You will get used to quality clients coming and going, big projects randomly showing up, and you will learn to love the work from home roller coaster!

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