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5 Resolutions for Your Business

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By Chris Hurn

Business owners and entrepreneurs should consider these resolutions to make 2015 the most positively transformative year:

• Consider buying: After a business has survived three to six years and is stable, commercial property ownership is a natural next step with benefits that new entrepreneurs often overlook. The government program administered by the Small Business Administration — SBA 504 — offers long-term financing at below-market fixed rates.

• Self-investment: Invest in yourself! Identify business books that focus on areas you need to develop or lessons shared by successful business people you admire.

• Company culture: Come up with three ideas that will improve your company’s culture and take action on them.

• Refresh/jumpstart marketing: Identify three new marketing initiatives that you can implement on a regular and ongoing basis.

• Become an authority in your field: Research publications in your industry and pitch yourself as a media source. This can net you some free PR later in the year. The key is to focus on media outlets – become a familiar name so they can turn to you as a reliable source… HBM

Chris Hurn is CEO and co-founder of Mercantile Capital Corp. based in Orlando, Fla. He is the author of “The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Creating Wealth: How the Smartest Business Owners Build Their Fortunes” (www.TheEntrepreneursSecretBook.com). He is also the CEO, chairman, and co-founder of an upscale men’s barbershop franchise called Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club.  

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