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5 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Home Business Like a Newborn Baby In 2017

baby-home-businessAlthough many people feel like they are married to their job, operating a home business is actually more comparable to having a newborn baby at home. It can be incredibly overwhelming, yet amazingly satisfying at the same time. Running a home-based business requires being in charge of something that has needs far more important than your own. There certainly are key financial decisions that you are obligated to make, ones that may affect the business for years to come. You are under constant worry and concern, let alone the tremendous amount of time you will spend dedicated to it at all hours of the day and night. If you are a new parent that must sound like a precise description of exactly what you go through on a daily basis.

Which is exactly why home business owners must care for their companies the same way that parents treat their newborn babies. That being stated, starting and or operating a home based business, much like having a child offers many rewards and opportunities. Did you know that a plethora of the world’s largest corporations started out as home based businesses? For example, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, and Hewlett-Packard, to name a few were initially run out of their founders’ homes. As a matter of fact nearly fifty one-percent of all American businesses today are home based. Statistics certainly prove that you are in good company. So without further ado here are the top five reasons that you should treat your home business like a newborn baby.

1:  Performing Unpleasant Tasks

Any home-based business owner knows all too well that there are multiple unpleasant tasks to perform each and every day. Chances are you will not be able to delegate them to an employee because you simply do not have anyone other than yourself on staff. Although some of the items on your to do list may be not be enjoyable, it is necessary to dive in with both hands in order to accomplish them. Treat it like changing a messy diaper. The sight and smell of it may make your nose tingle and your eyes water. However it is an incredibly satisfying feeling knowing that you have helped to make your child more comfortable, content, and happy. The same can be said when you complete those unpleasant tasks. Prior to starting them, just think of that satisfying feeling of knowing that your business is operating smoothly.

2: Lean On Help From Others


Generally speaking people truly enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to giving advice about something they are experienced in. That is definitely good news for you. As a home business owner you certainly need all of the help that you can get. Do not be afraid to ask for it. You may be surprised to find out that an industry expert may be willing to advise you on particular topics, however you will never find out unless you actually ask them for advice. Treat it like asking for advice about your newborn child. Every new parent experiences times when they are unsure of something going on with their precious baby. They have absolutely zero hesitation calling upon people that have knowledge about the topic and asking for their advice. The same should absolutely hold true for your business. In addition to asking experts for their valuable advice you should also be taking part in Kickstarter campaigns in order to raise funds, and contacting local media outlets to publish articles about you and your business.

3: The Additional Time And Stress Is Well Worth It


Running a home-based business certainly can be stressful. If you are doing your job properly there is never a time where you get a break. Your small business is all encompassing, and needs your attention twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. Some people thrive on it while others tend to become a bit overwhelmed. If you happen to fall in to the later category than treat it like having a new baby at home. Although the business will certainly cause you additional stress, to the point that it will keep you up at night it will not be that way forever. Just like newborns, businesses grow up as well. Although it may seem far, far away eventually your company will not require as much of your attention as it does now. Once your business has become well established, you will not need to spend as much effort and time operating it. Just like parents take pride in their children’s accomplishments, you are raising a business in which to be proud of.

4: Do Not Waste Time Being Jealous Of Others


Although it is always a good idea to keep track of your competition, do not waste even a minute of your precious time being negative or jealous if they happen to be more successful than you. Every business is unique, and develops differently regarding the path to success. Treat your home business the same way you handle your newborn’s milestones. For example, if your best friend’s baby is sleeping through the night before yours do not feel envious. Your baby will sleep through the night before you know it. It is not fair to your baby or yourself to relentlessly compare them to other children. The same can certainly be said for your home business. Instead of focusing on the fact that your competition’s metrics are superior to yours, spend the time focusing on long-term goals in order to both catch and beat them in the long run.

5: Enjoy Each And Every Step Of The Journey

You will certainly spend countless hours per week working on and worrying about your home business in order to get it off of the ground or establish it as a viable choice in the marketplace. Before long it may very well end up being a well-established company with numerous employees, and customers/clients that count on you. At some point down the road you will look back at the early stage of its development. Much like a parent, you want to have good memories of the newborn stage. In order to accomplish that it is vastly important that you take the time to enjoy each and every step of the journey.

In conclusion, starting and operating a home business of your own provides a feeling of pride and joy that can only be compared to having a newborn baby. It certainly takes a lot of hard work, money, sweat, and tears. You will absolutely focus most if not all of your energy on it, especially during the early phases. When all is said and done it is well worth every second of time, and each ounce of effort that you put in.

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