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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Start An Internet Business

If you have considered starting a home business, then you are not alone.

Many people start their internet businesses because they want to enjoy the benefits of having an open schedule while working from the comfort of their homes. These entrepreneurs don’t want to be tied to a desk, sitting in some cubicle making someone else rich.

Rather, they prefer to be at home enjoying everything that life has to offer. With a home based business, you can work from the comfort of your home and still have plenty of time to spend with your family members. Not only that, but working from home gives you the financial freedom to be able to work at your own pace and earn a comfortable living. With online businesses, you can set the pace – which means you can determine how much you earn!

However, there are a lot of negatives that you should consider before you start your home business. I am about to tell you all of the ones that I have personally.

Do you recognize any of these?

Reason #1: It’s CRAZY Expensive


According to a study by the Kaufmann Foundation, the average cost to start your own business is $30,000. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone that has that kind of cash lying around.

If people had that kind of free cash lying about then we wouldn’t be considering starting our own business right? I started my business with virtually nothing and built it from the ground up.

However, this is not an easy task.

Many people work for years and years before they are able to save the amount of money it would take to start a business from home.

Reason #2: It’s TOO Time Consuming


If you have ever known anyone who works from home, then you know how much time it took them to grow their business. Home based workers are devoted because there’s no one there telling them when it’s time to quit for the day.

If you have a family,kids, or any kind of social life – say goodbye to them for awhile because you may not be able to see them too often if you’re running your own business.

Besides that, they spend so much time learning every little thing there is to know about the business (see Reason #3).

The only reason that I was able to become successful with my own business is because I had no kids, no family, and didn’t care too keep in touch with my friends. I just wanted to make money so I obsessively spent hours upon hours on my business. This is not easy for most.

Reason #3: There’s SO Much To Learn


An internet business isn’t for everyone because there’s just too much that you have to learn. With all of the software needed, the technical jargon to learn and website design, it leaves for a wide margin of error for people who are new to working from home. If you don’t know about content creation, internet marketing and how to monetize your business, why even bother?

Even worse, you can’t just call someone up who’s working in the same field because they look at you like you’re the enemy. These guys don’t want to help out your bottom line, so you’re left to your own devices, searching Google for answers when your website breaks or you need help.

Reason #4: There’s Way Too Much Stress When You’re Handling Everything

When you run your own business from home, there is so much stress involved because when something breaks, you’re the one that has to fix it. You have to wear so many hats that leave you handling web hosting, blog design, server costs and content creation. Unfortunately, you can’t outsource these tasks because you probably haven’t earned any money yet. (See Reason #1.)

It’ll take you years to really get the idea of  how everything works and come together. Unfortunately, you may not be making enough money to cover yourself at the same time. It’s really complicated.

Reason #5: It’s Only Good For People Who Are Good With Computers And Understand Technology


If you don’t know anything about e-commerce, WordPress, or website hosting, starting your own home business is tough. It could take months or years to learn everything there is to know about an internet business.

If this is something you’re considering, then you want something that makes you money now – not the possibility of future earnings. Nobody is born with the knowledge it takes to run a successful home business, so the end result is likely to be failure.

While these are all compelling reasons to steer clear from starting an internet business, they should not stop you if you’re determined to create a life for yourself by working from home. If I told you that there was an easier way to start a home based business that would solve all of your problems, you would take it, wouldn’t you?

Let’s overcome the obstacles that keep us from achieving success:

It’s Too Expensive!

I will let you in on a shortcut that will give you every reason to start your own business online today. It is a low cost business that won’t eat up thousands of dollars like other methods. You can do this business even if you don’t earn a lot of money. It’s a turn-key business, meaning that you set it up once and let it work for you. In fact, you can see excellent results (earnings) even if you want to do this business part time!

It’s Too Time Consuming!

Unlike having a 9-to-5 job, this business won’t suck up all of your time. It’s easy to start, easy to setup and won’t require your constant involvement. This means that you will have more time to spend with your spouse and children.

There’s So Much To Learn!

With this business, the entire system is setup in one easy to consume package. There isn’t any learning curve here, so all you have to do is set it up and let it do the work for you. It’s so easy that you’ll be an expert business owner overnight!

There’s Too Much Stress!

There is no stress involved in this business whatsoever. It’s all completely automated so you won’t have the headaches of selling or dealing with customers. This business is a one-stop solution for everything, so you can sit back and relax while it works for you!

It’s Only For Tech Whizzes!

If you know how to turn on your computer, then you can start and run this business. You don’t have to know all of the ins and outs of the computer world to get this to work. In fact, you can get started today with a simple setup. There’s no coding to learn, no web design to worry about and no technical jargon to figure out. It’s so easy that your grandmother can do it!

Click the link below to watch the free video to learn more about this amazing business. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Click the button above to watch the video – and start planning your financial independence today!

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