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My Proven 3 Step Method To Get Immediate Newsletter Subscribers

emailcashIf you’ve been around the internet marketing world for any period of time, you’ll hear the same thing
over and over again…”The Money Is In The List” or “You MUST Have a List To Make Money Online”…

There is a very good reason that you are hearing this same message all of the time….because it’s simply true!

Not only does having a list allow you to generate income literally with a push of a button. It’s also a
huge asset that you can use as leverage to make any related business a instant over night success. All
with push button ease.

For the purposes of this method, I will already assume that you have an email list and you
already have a website or squeeze page that adds subscriber’s to your list.

Step 1. Create A Teaser Email

You’ll first need to create a short teaser email that will make people who read it curious enough
to click the link inside of the email that directs them to your email opt in page. This email should
be kept short and should contain just only enough information about your unique offer that makes them
want to learn more. The subject of the email should be related to the content inside of the email and
should be in the form of a question. Save this email later for easy copying and pasting.

Step 2. Seek Out Solo Ad Partners

Now that you’ve got your email written and your web page all ready. You’ll need to find a good place
to send this email that will get results. I highly recommend using Solo Ad’s. I love Solo Ad’s because results are
IMMEDIATE and all you have to wait for is the owner of the list to send out the ad. You can just watch as
your newsletter gains subscribers and whatever you’re promoting starts making sales right away. Depending on your budget,
chances are you can find a solo ad that will match your needs. However, beware of the cheap solo ad provider…you get what you pay for!

You can find solid solo ad providers by searching google with the phrase “Your Offer’s Niche Solo Ad”.

Step 3. Test, Test, Test

Once you’ve found a Solo Ad Provider, you will need to test them out first. Good Solo Ad providers will
offer a low cost option to test them out first. I always test these providers out with the lowest cost
option first and only spend more money with them if they end up producing sales and signups for my newsletter.

Once you’ve found a good solo provider, send your ad out a maximum of 3 times with them to really get good
exposure of your message.

That’s it, if you follow this 3 step method you’ll have a good grasp of what it takes to get instant subscribers
to your newsletter on demand!

See you next time,

Ryan Oakley

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