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3 Dead Simple Ways To Attract Interested Customers Online

Looking to reach out to customers the easy way? What you need are some good old fashioned marketing strategies specifically for the internet age. I’m not talking about anything fancy either – just simple straight to the point fundamentals!

Let us talk about three of the popular ones that doesn’t just help get the word about your products and services across but helps you attract more eyeballs for your marketing message too.

1.  Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Marketing

Facebook ads are a paid service with comprehensive targeting options. Facebook collects data of its users and gives it to advertisers for use. You can target ads based on specific options like location, age, relationship, workplace, education and an endless number of demographics.

You can track your ads, how they are performing and also get insight into their failures. Facebook is a great advertising platform where you can customize your ads based on demographics. For example, you have targeted soccer fans and wanted to develop ads for them. It is possible to develop ads for different teams and push them to people who are fans or shown interest in that specific team.

The ads in Facebook operate in per click or per impression method. You can get an idea of the bid amount as Facebook reveals bids for similar ads. You are also able to put daily limits which make you stay within your marketing budgets.

Facebook Basics
• Great for spreading awareness about your products or services
• Best place to grow a network
• Suitable platform to interact and engage with target audience
• Highly targeted ads make more room for conversions
• Avoid spamming at all costs

2. Twitter

Twitter Social Online Marketing
Twitter is a micro-blogging website which lets you post messages in 140 characters. In 2013 there were more than 232 active monthly users on Twitter which makes it a great marketing platform. These are called tweets, and you can include links, photos or other attachments in them. We are going to discover how to optimize your Twitter activities to promote your affiliate initiatives.

Basic Set Up
Signing up for Twitter is pretty easy and takes only a few minutes. After that, you have spent some time completing your profile.

• Keep your Twitter profile and its visual elements similar to your online presence and your website.
• Choose a suitable user name which reflects your product or brand
• Select a proper profile picture and background header. You can place images which convey your website message or nature of services you offer. This picture will be displayed at the top of your profile picture. You can edit the background to your preference or upload an image file directly.
• Complete your Twitter profile information and fill out all sections including bio, website, and location. Keep the bio to talk about the benefits and advantages of your products or services.

Whom to Follow
You will be able to follow people on Twitter. This means you will be directly shown their tweets. It is necessary to start following the correct people to broaden your marketing horizon. You can discover new leads and research into your competitors and consumers. Begin by following people who are:

• Your promising customers
• Your market competitors
• Industry experts
• Your affiliate partners
• Personal business connections
• Professional organizations and business bodies

Start Engaging
Grab every chance you can get to engage with people which can be converted to leads or sales. To gain the trust of your customers, you need to start out by giving useful information and answering their questions. Gradually you can integrate your promotional pitch into content which is valuable to your followers. Sharing of relevant and engaging content will also grow a big following base.

Generate Traffic for Your Website
The ultimate goal of your marketing efforts is generating quality traffic for your website. This can be done on Twitter through various ways.

You can write compelling tweets and include links in them. The message of the tweet should compel the readers to click the link. This should be the aim of every tweet you make for promotion.

Consider inserting pictures or videos in the tweets which make them more appealing to readers. Also, tweet regularly to keep your presence intact. People will start forgetting you if you tweet once in a week or month.

Apart from tweeting, also do other activities like favorite tweets, post retweets and ask people to share your messages.

Make Use of Trends
The trending topics and hashtags of Twitter are great ways to find the most talked about topic. Engaging in these trends can increase your visibility and get you new customers.

Find a way to incorporate the trending hashtags into content that you are tweeting. Whenever someone searches for the trending topics, they will see your tweet featured in the list. Make a connection between the products and services you are promoting and the trends that are hot. Cleverly put one or two trending hashtags into your tweets to do the trick.

Tweet For Cash and Customers

Paid Twitter Features to Generate Traffic
Twitter offers some paid services to marketers who want to reach new customers, create ads and generate mass brand awareness. These ads are marked with the word “Promoted” beside them. You can use them in your posts and messages in similar ways to normal content. These ads are available in the following form:

• Promoted Tweets
• Promoted Trends
• Promoted Accounts

Promoted tweets help you highlight your message on other people profile. These are expanded and also featured at the top of search results. You can reach more people and drive them to click your link. It is great for promoting sales, generating traffic, creating awareness and broadcast product launces.

Promoted trends are best for creating trending topics on Twitter involving your website or brand. It features on top of the trending topics list and also on user’s timelines. People can use the promoted hashtag in their tweets and access all messages dealing with that topic by clicking on it. This ad feature is best for creating mass awareness or reaching a completely new audience.

Promoted accounts give you the option to freely customize your profile according to your business needs. These accounts are suggested to users who have shown interest in your niche but not yet included in your followers. The accounts are shown on user timelines, search results and who to follow.


Targeting options
Twitter lacks in targeting options and only provides location as a metric. It does consider the keywords used in your profile and messages to determine the audience to promote your tweets, accounts or trends. Ensure to use proper keywords in your profile and tweets so that your efforts reach the correct audience.

Use Twitter Analytics
Twitter provides you some tools on its dashboard to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. Using the tool you can track which tweets or ads are working best with your audience and which are not. Then you can make changes and take the correct business decision.

Integrate Social Media with your Content
Any article, post or content that you put on your website should be easily sharable on social media. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ give you various options to integrate your content and social media.

• You will be able to place buttons from Twitter, Facebook on your website. Clicking on this directly opens a dialogue to share the content on the user’s timeline or account.
• Put your Twitter handler, Facebook page handler on your website. Your users will be able to join your page or follow you directly from your website.
• You can also use various widgets to put your Twitter or other social media activities like sharing, tweeting directly on your website.

3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The traditional email is still one of the most favorite options of marketers to personally engage with their audience. We have already told you how you can capture email leads from your website. All the emails that you collected from the opt-in forms and other means will now come useful.

It can be mentioned that there are some tools which directly creates your email database. Whenever someone fills a form or downloads something with their emails, the contact is saved in the database. This database is a golden mine of prospective leads who have greater chances of conversion.

You can run your email marketing campaign to send promotional deals, discounts, and offers. Set them at regular intervals so that they are persuasive in converting the lead. If run properly, you can have quality traffic with great conversion rates from your email marketing efforts.

At a Glance

• Create interesting and engaging content using relevant keywords
• Share regular updates and posts
• Take advantage of social media to get new customers and traffic
• Use email marketing techniques to expand your traffic
• Find additional sources other than your website to post your articles

Combine these three methods in your online marketing strategy to get the best results.

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