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$20+ Billion Specialty Advertising Industry Offers Great Opportunity through Kaeser & Blair

Kaeser & Blair is Largest Organization of Independent Business Owners in Promotional Specialty Advertising Industry.

Sally was a stay at home mom with young children that wanted to generate some income without sacrificing any parenting time with her kids. She checked out the Kaeser & Blair opportunity and decided to give it a try. A short three years later Sally has become a very successful business owner producing substantial income allowing her family to enjoy a much fuller and active life.

kaeser-blairFor more information on Kaeser & Blair, visit https://hba.kaeser-blair.com

Now that all her kids are in school each day Sally expects to expand her business. With no experience when she came on board with Kaeser & Blair, she found that the support, training and service K&B provides to all their dealers really is a proven plan for success.

Kaeser & Blair is the original promotional marketing/specialty advertising company. K&B spun off in 1894 from a company founded in 1853 and has been in continuous operation ever since. Today 2,100 independent business owners like Sally are enjoying extra income while they build equity in a business that they own.

The “specialty advertising” industry is a $20+ billion part of the advertising industry supplying businesses with useful, interesting and decorative items with their brands and messages. More than one million items are available including corporate identity apparel, writing instruments, electronic accessories and household items like flashlights and kitchen utensils. Kaeser & Blair provides both part time and full time opportunities with many K&B Authorized Dealers earning great 6 figure incomes.

K&B is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) top rated company. They are the largest organization of independent business owners in the promotional specialty advertising industry. For more information visit https://hba.kaeser-blair.com

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