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10 Ways You Could Be Making Money From Your Blog

In the world of blogging, there are two basic camps: the one who creates a blog simply because they have a passion for their content subject and the other who sees a blog as a way to make a steady passive income. Unfortunately, many bloggers do not realize they can join both camps and benefit from the best of both worlds.

10 ways to make money with your blogBeing a passionate blogger is the key to success before implementing any strategy for making money. After all, you must have the passion and drive to create stellar content that will draw visitors in and keep them coming back for more. If you are knowledgeable and passionate about a particular subject, you can easily create a blog that will become interesting to those who share your passion.

Thankfully, there are many ways bloggers can begin gaining revenue from their blog immediately. With these tips, there will be no waiting weeks or months on end. Writers with blogs can and will be successful in making a passive income if they simply put these ten steps into action.

1) Ad Space advertisements are the perfect option for earning a steady monthly income with no work. These small ad spaces are placed on your blog page where visitors can click them. There are a couple of different options for bloggers who want to implement this strategy.

* The blogger can use an ad provider and simply sit back and collect their revenue without having to even think about the ads.

* The blogger can advertise space on their blog for people to purchase ad space. (This typically is only successful for blogs that have gained a good following.)

2) Pay per Click Advertising is an easy and effective way of earning money from your blog. You simply use Google Adsense and allow them to be in charge of automatically placing ads that refer to your blog’s subject matter. Every time someone clicks on one of these ads, you get paid!

It could not be easier to begin gaining a healthy passive income, which is why so many beginning bloggers use PPC ads. Even if you do nothing else to gain money, this should be the one you do consider.

3)Affiliate programs are becoming increasingly popular among bloggers and for good reason. Though there are many companies that offer affiliate opportunities, Amazon is the most popular. Amazon allows its affiliates to make from 4% to 8.5% of the sale that comes from their link.

The good thing about Amazon, is you can advertise one product and if the visitor clicks through your link and then purchases ten more products, you make the affiliate percentage off of the entire total of the order. Imagine someone clicks through on your link for a pair of shoes and then buys a flat screen TV. You can easily see how this affiliate program could make you tons of money if you have a popular blog.

4) Digital downloads offer bloggers a great way to provide further information for their readers through a pay to download option. eBooks are an easy way to provide your readers with information on a particular subject. Once you have written your content and set up the link, you will be able to walk away and see your downloads providing you with income on a regular basis.

If you promote your eBooks on social media sites and drum up interest, you can begin to see your income increasing more and more. Though it takes time to increase interest, it is well worth it once your blog gets going and is becoming more popular. You can even offer your Ebooks for sale on Amazon and make money for every download.

5)Donations allow bloggers to gain income simply because they provide stellar content. When done correctly, donation campaigns allow people to profit from the extensive information they offer their visitors.

It is important visitors feel they are not being hounded for donations. Though every visitor will not donate, many will when they see how a blogger offers such helpful information for their visitors at no cost. A simple PayPal link can allow visitors to donate the amount they see fit without feeling pressured. While some bloggers shy away from this approach, many consider it as a “tip jar”, allowing their visitors to thank them for their time and effort.

6) Membership Packages can be very beneficial in helping people to gain a steady source of income. Bloggers can set up for their membership as a one-time fee or a monthly fee, depending on the type of blog and the content they plan on providing.

Membership packages are especially beneficial if a blog already has a good following. if readers see the content being offered is stellar, they will be more than willing to pay a membership fee so they can be given exclusive access to premium content.

7) CPM advertising pays you for every 1,000 ad views your blog generates. Those who have a bustling blog may find this is one of the best ways to generate a steady profit. Though most bloggers do not rely on this method alone, when coupled with other money-making methods, CPM advertising can be successful.

8) Selling your services can be a good method of making money from your blog, though it does require more work than some of the other methods listed. If you are a freelancer who has knowledge on Internet marketing, email marketing, and content creation, you could use your blog as your own personal portfolio and attract many clients.

The demands for freelance services are growing astronomically. If you can provide stellar services, you are sure to get so many requests for service that you are inundated. As word spreads about your services, your income can greatly increase.

9) Reviews are much like affiliate links, but they take the idea and make it even more successful. When you review products on your blog, you are giving the information shoppers need so they can decide whether or not to make the purchase. Not only do you provide the important information they need, you also provide them with a direct link to be able to purchase the product.
With the affiliate link, a person can make their purchase and you receive the benefit of being paid for advertising. This can also encourage product manufacturers to send you products for your paid review. Though you won’t get money for these reviews, you can receive free products and use affiliate links to gain income.

10) Becoming a coach is another unique way to gain revenue. For instance, if you run a successful and authoritative blog on fitness, you may want to offer individual coaching to your visitors. This service will allow them to hire you one on one so they can receive the benefit of your knowledge.
Coaching can be done through a variety of different blogs and subjects. If you are passionate and knowledge about a particular subject, there is no reason you should not financially benefit from it.


Whether you already have a successful blog or haven’t even started the process of setting one up, you are sure to find these methods of making money from blogging to help you find success. Though you won’t become wealthy overnight, putting these methods into practice can begin to give you a sizeable passive income you can count on each and every month.

Consider each of these methods and try them one by one or put them all in place. Most of these methods are entirely passive so once you put them in place, you no longer have to worry about them. You simply sit back and begin collecting your revenue each month.

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