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10 Easy Ways To Make Money Using Only Your Mobile Phone

make money with your mobile phoneThe notion of making money online is something which just seems unreal to most people. Yeah, it happens, but you have to be really good at certain things to achieve it. You have to know certain secrets, be handy with precise techniques, and have the confidence to handle all of that sophisticated stuff which comes with computers and technology. Sure, there are ways to make money online, but none of them are for you – right?

Fortunately, the reality is very different. It has never been easier to make money online than it is right now, and you do not need to be a tech wizard to learn how to do it either. In fact, there are scores of ways in which you can learn how to turn the internet to your advantage and start making money using nothing but your smartphone. The only attributes that you need are patience, passion, and a whole lot of love for your mobile. It is time to get to grips with the sweet side of internet marketing, so that you always come out on top.

This handy guide to the top 10 ways to make money online, using your smartphone, will show you how easy it is to turn hobby into profit.

Easy Shift

This nifty little app allows users to earn money by adding information about product movements to databases used by large scale commercial enterprises. It is simple to master, because all that you are required to do is carry out research on given products. For example, you may be asked to check if a specific product is available at a particular store. You might have to verify that the online barcodes for products match their intended prices. Whilst the financial rewards (per task) are small, the tasks themselves can be completed within seconds. If you complete a lot, you could earn a tidy profit.

Gym Pact

The Gym Pact application really is one of the most innovative around right now, because it benefits both user and company in a number of different ways. In essence, it is designed to get people working out more by paying them to do so. What better motivation can there be to get fit than a financial reward every time you work out? The thing to remember about this app is that users are actually fined if they do not work out often enough, which could end up being either motivation or defeat, depending on the personality.


Whilst there will always be some people who would never even consider giving up phone space for advertisements, no matter whether there was profit involved or not, if you are willing to share your device with a company, you could make a reasonable return. The Locket service requires nothing more of a user than their permission to place an advertisement as the screen saver on their phone. To put it simply, you are being paid for the ever so slight convenience of having to swipe a different way to access your phone menu.

Receipt Hog

It is easy to forget that businesses all around the world are paying millions of dollars to access information about how their customers shop. If they are paying to get hold of this data, it makes sense to think that they could be paying you for it too. With Receipt Hog, your purchasing habits are transformed into market data at the click of a button. You only have to take a picture of any receipts that you receive (be it at a café or a supermarket), send them to Receipt Hog via the app, and collect virtual coins for your trouble. Once you have a thousand coins, you can swap them for a real $5.

Field Agent

This handy smartphone app lets users work as field representatives for big brand companies. Whilst it might sound absurd to have a whole army of customers running your display and sale compliance checks, the bottom line is that this kind of cooperative project saves businesses a lot of money. With Field Agent, the user is required to visit stores (often big branded ones like Target), and verify certain pieces of information. For example, you might be asked to check that display labels match products, or that multipack products are not being sold individually, etc. For every task completed, you will receive anywhere between three to twelve dollars.

Shop Kick

The Shop Kick app has to be one of the easiest ways to make money online, using a smartphone, because all that you need to do is step inside selected stores and you will earn cash rewards. The range of affiliated stores is surprisingly diverse, and includes a wide selection of restaurants and shops like Target and Old Navy too. Plus, you can earn even more if you refer the Shop Kick app to friends, or scan specific barcodes whilst browsing. The biggest advantage to using this particular app is that you can get profits sent directly to your bank account, so they can be ready for use instantly.


Now, time for something a little different. The Viggle application requires users to provide data associated not with their purchasing habits but with their listening and watching preferences. In essence, it works in exactly the same way – you register for an account, check in when you are listening to music or watching television, and you will be paid for providing the information. For extra profit, customer surveys and questionnaires can be filled out. The only real downside to the Viggle app is that it does not pay in actual money. You earn points which can be redeemed at stores like Starbucks.


With MyLikes, you can finally make online popularity profitable. If you tend to get a lot of notice on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other major social networking platform, it could be useful to sign up for a MyLikes account. The money which users earn is directly linked to the number of likes that they receive on shared content. This application can be a quick way to earn money online, but is best suited to those with lots of followers or demonstrable skills when it comes to creating viral content, posts, statuses, and images.


The Poshmark application is already very popular with young women, because it allows them to exchange and sell used clothing at a faster rate than they could with eBay. The great thing about Poshmark is that you do not have find a buyer before you can package and send the items out, which tends to be the part of the process which takes the longest and is the fussiest. You pack up and deliver the clothing that you do not want, and Poshmark alerts you when a buyer has been found for each item. The user then receives 80% of the sale price, via direct deposit into a personal account.

Why should I use my smartphone to make money online?

The bottom line is that is does not have to be difficult to start making money online, or even to establish a small home business based on nothing more than your smartphone device. Whilst the profits are unlikely to be large enough to allow you to use the aforementioned apps for full time work, they can certainly offer you a tidy second income. You just have to be willing to get to grips with something new, and sometimes, make compromises in order to earn cash.

It is imperative to remember that, as a consumer, you hold an awful lot of influence. There are thousands of companies out there who are dying to get hold of your data, so that they can target you with personalized advertisements. The thing is, there are plenty of companies which are allowed to do this without your permission anyway, so why not get in on the game, and make yourself a little extra money? The informed and knowledgeable consumer is also a happy and rewarded one.

Is it easy to make money online using a smartphone?

In other words, the trick to being on the right side of internet marketing is to make sure that you stand to make a profit out of your own data, rather than simply allowing corporations to cut you out of the picture. This is precisely why the aforementioned apps are so valuable and innovative right now – they are handing power back to the consumer. Plus, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own armchair to take advantage of them.

The only two things that you need are a relatively modern smartphone and the patience necessary to sign up and register for accounts, and then keep up with monitoring them for activity. If you do lead quite a busy or hectic life, and do not always have the time to fuss with your phone, opt for apps (like Shop Kick and Field Agent) which allow you to complete tasks and make money whilst you are carrying out other activities. This is the best way to earn a profit without introducing any interruptions to life.

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