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10 Advantages Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is no longer left for big organizations only as an increasing number of small businesses are now taking advantage of this affordable and targeted form of digital advertising. With the click of a button, a business is able to get their brand in front of many users. Whether you are a skeptic of you are not sure about the technicalities, below are ten advantages of email marketing.
1. Takes less time and effort

email marketing for your home business
It takes a lot of time and effort to structure a direct business to business campaign or direct to consumer campaign using offline direct marketing methods. With email marketing, you will be able to create a marketing communication piece in less than two hours. By using a recurring email template, you need to approve the copy for the email and changes to graphics. Weeks of work can be done in just a few hours by one employee.
2. Messages in real time

Print or telesales campaigns take a lot of time between campaign development and implementation. Due to the fact that email marketing can be done in a few hours, you can send messages to reduce stock or even promote special offers. You can also send real time messages to customers during their birthdays and special anniversaries. Short time frames for email marketing are not an enemy.
3. Personalize messages

Since print mail campaigns are done on a one size fits all format, it is hard to talk directly to your consumers in a personalized way. However, email marketing provides a lot of opportunities. You will not only be able to send personalized emails with the name of the user or their login name, but most email marketing solutions also provide the ability to add information such as purchase history and sales. Customers will feel special when they read their name on your message.

4. Customer information
As seen above, since you can segment your database of users with email, you can send them targeted marketing campaigns which will result in an increase in sales conversion because they are very specific. If you sell flowers, you can look for people in your database who have bought roses before and then email them when the first shipment of roses comes in. you will have used your customers database to put the most relevant message in front of customers that are likely going to respond to it.

5. Frequent communications

Due to the fact that emails take a short time to create and send than other advertising and marketing channels, you can communicate with your customers frequently. Rather than only being able to send them a catalog once a month, you can send offers once a week. However, you should take note that it is not ideal to send customers emails more than once a week.

6. Try out marketing strategies

Good advertising means being able to test out things. With email marketing, it is very easy to see the offers, headlines and colors that users and customers often respond to. Send one version of the email to one part of your list and then a second version to a different part of email list. By using precise tracking tools, you can then know the marketing message that worked better and be able to use it on all your customers
7. Spread of information

Forwarding an email that has an enticing or a useful offer or information is only going to take a few seconds and a lot of users will do it. This means that your marketing efforts will not only have a wider reach but people will also begin to act as your brand ambassadors by sharing your information.

8. Reduce overhead cost

Email marketing can be done at a low overhead cost. You do not need to have a lot of employees, marketing analysts or even designers. There are services which will allow one to host email marketing through professionally designed templates that can be changed to suit your needs.An effective marketing campaign will only need a good email marketing platform or service and a good marketer that knows how to put the right offers and graphics in front of their users or consumer list. There is no marketing channel where you are going to spend less to get great returns on your investment than email marketing.

9. Track sales and user engagement

There is no better marketing channel that will allow you to get exact and usable tracking information to assist you know what is successful and what is not than email marketing. A well developed email marketing platform will provide you with tracking information on the number of people that opened and email and read it, the number of people who clicked the link in an email, the specific link in the email that was clicked, how many people complained the email was spam, if the email was unsubscribed and if your email reached the recipients inbox.
When this is combined with ability to track sales back to a source, you will be able to identify customer engagement and response via a cycle with easy to understand and clear metrics.
10. Eco friendly

Although this might seem to be a minor part of the bigger picture, a lot of people are now trying to become more environmentally friendly. By using email marketing as your main customer communication, you will have saved the planet by reducing the number of trees that are cut down to make paper that is used for printing. You should therefore make a responsible decision about your marketing tools to help the environment as you are also improving the success of your business.

As seen above, those are the benefits of using email marketing over other marketing methods. However, it is recommended to use email marketing as your main part of advertising but not the only method. However, it is clear that if you are not using email in your marketing strategy, then you are missing out on benefits that can improve user engagement, improve overall cost and also using limited amount of time and effort.

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