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Donald Trump Latest News: 5 Reasons Why It Will Improve Your Internet Marketing

Whether you love him or you hate him (and there seems to be no room for sitting on the fence), Donald Trump is the star of the 2016 presidential campaign. He’s big, bold, and more entertaining than a Jerry Springer marathon. He says what he wants, throws playground insults at his rivals, and generally treats the race to the White House as just another business venture. In short, Donald Trump is both fascinating and horrifying, in equal measure. There’s more than a few reasons that you should be staying up to date on Donald Trump Latest News!

As you can see, keeping up with Donald Trump Latest News is not only more important than ever before…it’s  also amazing entertainment!

Even for proud Trump supporters, some of his more outlandish comments and debacles have caused consternation. In December 2015, the business mogul made headlines (again) after he claimed that all Muslims should be prevented from traveling to and entering the US. He has also discussed plans to ‘bring back something worse than waterboarding,’ if made president,’ and described Mexican immigrants as ‘criminals and rapists.’

So, the question has to be; how did this radical man, with these extreme beliefs, find his way into the most important political competition on the planet?

The Undeniable Genius of Donald Trump

The answer is a simple one. Donald Trump is a PR master. No, really – you only have to look at his constant presence within the media for proof that all publicity is good publicity. Whether you support him or not, this remarkable presidential candidate could teach your business a great deal about effective internet marketing.

Is Keeping Up With Donald Trump Latest News Important For Your Internet Marketing?

For all businesses, positive coverage is the goal. Clearly, nobody wants to be slated by the press or the general public. However, the irrepressible power of Donald Trump can be found in the fact that he doesn’t much care either way. Positive or negative, coverage represents success, because it means that all eyes are on him.

There is definitely a lesson to be learned here for internet marketing companies, though it is one that should be handled with caution. Making the kind of defamatory statements that Trump does, on a regular basis, might win your company attention, but it won’t translate to more customers in the long run. On the other hand, marketing businesses could benefit from a slightly more fearless approach.

You can see an example of why you should be watching every bit of Donald Trump Latest News by watching this video below….

Just look at how he speaks to his audience. It’s like he’s known them all of his life! There’s a valuable marketing lesson in there somewhere!

5 Internet Marketing Lessons to Learn From Watching Donald Trump Latest News

This guide to some of the most important marketing lessons that can be learned from Donald Trump will explain why this controversial figure is a lot more media savvy than he appears. And to take advantage of them, all you have to do is tune into Donald Trump latest news.

donald trump latest news

1. Understand Your Audience

For most businesses, marketing strategies focus on reaching as many people as possible with the brand and company ethos. The problem with this is that it lacks direction. It may give you the broadest degree of exposure, but in order to appeal to such a diverse audience, you’re going to have to offer a very general, watered down version of the brand.

You could, instead, choose to target your marketing efforts at hardcore fans and customers. You’ll reach a lot less people, but the ones that you do will be extremely loyal and dedicated to the company. This is exactly what Donald Trump has built his campaign on; the idea that nobody but his fans matter anyway, so who cares what outsiders think?

It is an idea that can work for marketing companies, but only if they can identify and inhabit a clear niche. This strategy won’t work if you don’t have an obvious audience to target. Furthermore, this niche audience has to be small enough to feel ‘special,’ but big enough to represent a lucrative marketing opportunity.

The key to understanding your audience is to watch how he talks, observe his body language, his tone, what he does to keep people engaged. The more and more that you keep watch Donald Trump Latest News, the more you will be able to under

2. Know Your Brand Inside and Out

Trump Brand

If there is one thing that the Trump tribe does better than anything else, it’s consistency. While the race to the White House may feel like a crazy move for the business magnate, he’s not really behaving any differently than he has for the last thirty years or more. His opinions have changed little and so have his tactics; the only difference is the playing field.

In a world where politicians flip flop more often than a European tourist in a Croc factory, it is not difficult to see why Trump represents stability for many voters. His views may be extreme, but they are reliable. He can’t be accused of misleading or misrepresenting himself in order to get to his current position, because he’s always been this controversial.

While internet marketing businesses don’t really want to be courting controversy, they absolutely do want to be offering clients stability and reliability. You need to know your brand inside and out, so that, in twenty years, you can give prospective customers the same reasons to choose you as you give them now.

3. Don’t Hide From Your Audience

To reiterate, businesses are not encouraged to run around criticizing veterans or making plans to build a big anti-immigration wall. You certainly can, but you do this at your peril. However, what should take from Donald Trump and his many media gaffes is the power of visibility. Whether positive or negative, all media attention has one constructive characteristic; it gets you noticed by the general public.

The aim is, of course, to earn yourself a positive and enduring media presence. But, things can very easily go wrong for businesses, as far as causing controversy online. This is the important bit, so listen up. If you do happen to find yourself on the wrong end of public attention (for something that your company has done or said), the instinct will be to hide. However, the right thing to do is stay visible.

These days, customers value social media presence so highly that even quite serious PR mishaps can be smoothed over with a careful and measured response. This is something that the biggest brands in the world are now learning to do. Instead of scarpering at the first sign of trouble, they engage with online communities. This might mean issuing an online apology, offering compensatory prizes and rewards, or even just having a bit of a joke about it.

Keep an eye on Donald Trump Latest News to see that he doesn’t hide!

4. Learn to Trust Your Instincts

Donald Trump doesn’t use focus groups to gauge opinions on his policies and it’s not difficult to see why. As there is very little middle ground, in regards to his popularity, there wouldn’t be much point. You’d just get hardcore Trump supporters arguing with equally hardcore Trump haters – and we get enough of that already.

The lesson to be learned here is that success cannot be earned solely though clever sales patter. You can hold all of the focus groups that you want, but if your brand doesn’t stand for something, it won’t appeal to anybody. In other words, you have to find the right balance between pleasing your audience and giving them something valuable.

This can be really tricky, particularly when it comes to things like market research. Even if Donald Trump claims not to need it, this kind of data is an essential part of building up a picture of your audience. It is your starting point; your rough plan for what needs to be done. What it shouldn’t be is a warts and all blueprint. Use market research as an exploratory tool, but don’t allow it to stifle all of your own ideas and creativity.

5. Be Polite, But Don’t Be a Doormat

And, finally, one of the most important lessons that internet marketing businesses can learn from Donald Trump is that confidence is valuable. There are hundreds of thousands of companies out there, all with different personalities and characters. Your job is to give customers what they want, while also being an interesting and engaging business to work with. This means that ‘cookie cutter’ responses aren’t always the best policy.

Once again, this is a complex issue, particularly when it comes to the idea of saying sorry to customers. Donald Trump doesn’t apologize to anybody, for anything, and this is not the best way to do business. Nevertheless, just because you are a business, it doesn’t mean that you have a responsibility to bow down to all customers, no matter what their demands.

It is up to you to decide what constitutes appropriate interaction with your brand. Outside of those parameters, you have a right to respond in whatever way you see fit. Ultimately, there will always be people who try to take advantage or who make spurious complaints. Learning how to recognize and swiftly deal with these people is not only a good way to show that your brand has a personality, it also lets loyal customers know that their behavior is appreciated.

So, there we have five important (and valuable) marketing lessons from one of the unlikeliest people in America. It just goes to show that even the most chaotic of media campaigns can be quite sophisticated below the surface. And your business can learn something from this; namely, that personality and confidence can take a brand a long way.

Modern consumers don’t want to be spoon-fed niceties or given sugar coated marketing spiel, designed specifically for mass appeal. They want brands that they can get behind, because they identify with their beliefs, opinions, desires, or principles. These days, it is not enough for internet businesses to be slick and untouchable – ironically, they also need to be ‘human.’


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