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10 Smart and Effective Tips For Using Internet Marketing To Grow Your Online Presence

internet marketing tips and tricksThe internet is a great business platform for businesses all over the world as most people nowadays shop online. However, different businesses get different levels of traffic and sales depending on how well they sell their brands and their online portal, leaving a handful of businesses to dominate an otherwise plentiful market.

As such, it is important to conduct smart and thorough internet marketing to enhance your online business’ performance. Here are some smart internet marketing tips:

1. Optimize your website

Your website is the portal to your business on the internet – it should be appealing for an equally appealing first impression and to build trust with visitors. What’s more, the quality of the website determines how well it is ranked on search results pages by popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, making it necessary to rank better for a higher rank and consequently more traffic and sales.

As such, ensure your website is fully optimized to meet all the requirements for major search engines. Aspect to consider should include loading time, ease of navigation, the outlay and the different features used such as videos and images, mobile friendliness, and the resources deemed useful or informative for visitors.

This will make surfing your website easy and fast for visitors, increasing the customers’ satisfaction while also earning you better rankings and a higher position on search engines results pages.

2. Include call-to-action prompts

While some visitors may need some persuasion to make a purchase, others know just what they want. All the same, it is important to ensure that all your visitors know where to go when they want to order a product or service – call-to-action prompts come in very handy for this.

The CTA prompts should be located at a convenient position on the home page, at the end of articles, or next to listings of your products and services. Make sure that they are visible but at the same time avoid making them look imposing or you will lose credibility by making the visitor feel pressured to make a purchase – some websites have them beaming and blinking prominently on every other page on the website.

3. Create useful and informative content

One of your goals as an entrepreneur is to solve a problem. As such, it should not be all about closing a deal or else you will scare all your visitors off. Make some effort to answer your visitors and clients’ questions by creating a resource of informative articles and written content.

This content should expound on everything there is to know about the products and services you offer and other relevant subjects. This will help inform your visitors about aspects of the products or services they are seeking, giving your business some credibility, as most surfers tend to research before making a purchase, thanks to the numerous bogus and unscrupulous traders online.

In addition to information, ensure the content is of top quality to impress your visitors and build thought command, effectively creating long-term loyal clients. Some fun and humor is also appreciated for keeping your visitors entertained.

4. Include videos and images

Some color and diversity is good for every website, whether professional or personal. As such, complement your written content with some images and videos for visitors who may be looking for a different form of information.

Images, for instance, go a long way in giving visitors a visual perspective of your products while videos make it easy to conduct tutorials on how to use them. This is really appreciated by visitors who identify and acknowledge quality, gaining your business some credibility.

Search engines also consider the presence of videos and images, but aspects such as relevance to the subject matter and quality have to be considered.

5. Take advantage of the social media

There is one thing people use the internet better for than virtually anything else – connecting on social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are great for reaching out to friends and for making new friends as well.

Your business can also enjoy this convenience and gather a huge following, effectively boosting your sales and growing your brand’s popularity – all you need to do is create profiles on different social media sites. Make sure you create a brand page for Facebook and connect with your customers – their friends will get to know about you, and if they are interested they may connect too, boosting your popularity and chances of higher sales.

Other platforms such as LinkedIn help build credibility, as this is where all professional and wannabe professionals meet to exchange ideas. Instagram, on the other hand, is ideal for keeping you clients updated about new products by posting and sharing stunning images.

6. Incorporate keywords

Search engines make it very easy and fast to find what you are looking for online – all you need to do is type in a relevant phrase and relevant results show up. They do this by searching through millions of written content containing the keyword and organizing the results in order of the best quality to the worst.

As such, incorporate popular keywords used by visitors when searching for the products and services you offer online. These can be common phrases containing titles and descriptions of the products and services in your stock. However, it is recommended to work with analytics programs and companies so as to find the most popular and precise keywords for better conversion rates when you use them – most of these services are either free or incredibly cheap compared to the benefits they offer.

7. Monitor the competition

Internet marketing goes beyond simply making your presence known – it involves getting a competitive edge over the competition. This entails monitoring your competitors closely if you want to make the best decisions and marketing strategies.

Keeping your eyes open will allow you to know about new development early and react accordingly – know about new trends, new offers, emerging weaknesses, and changes that may affect your business too. This will guide you when reaching out to your visitors to keep them updated with correct and the latest information, building your reliability and increasing your credibility in the market.

8. Issue out press releases

Press releases were once a luxury of the major companies, as they were quite expensive to create and issue out. This is not the case anymore, thanks to many new better and cheaper platforms for distributing press releases. This makes it possible for small and upcoming businesses to develop their own press releases and release them, gaining worldwide exposure through numerous blogs, websites, online forums, and even wire services.

A press release should be an integral part of your internet marketing campaign – release one in a periodical manner, say after every month. What’s more, ensure you inform the readers and subscribers about anything and everything they need to know through the press release to get their attention and answer their questions – this will keep them informed and help you gain reliability.

A good press release distributed through diverse channels and online platforms will earn your company a wide reach, so ensure you utilize all available platforms, including wire services as they are cheaper nowadays.

9. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest internet marketing techniques, which is yet to lose its effectiveness. Sending customized emails to your pool of clients allows you to keep in touch with them while also keeping them up-to-date with the developments in your business. As such, be sure to send email notifications to let them know about other marketing campaigns such as discounts or contests. Additionally, send an informative and educative email occasionally to educate your clients.

However, some factors have to be considered to avoid seeming imposing and irritating the client. First, ensure the emails are of professional quality – they should be neat, informative, and not too frequent as to become a disturbance to the recipients. Additionally, the emails should be relevant to the readers and should be sent with your consent – avoid sending spammy emails or your business will also seem bogus.

10. Pay per click marketing

Some people do not even take some time to think about PPC and how it may benefit the business – it comes at a price, but it also gives your website optimal visibility by placing it on the very front page or search engines’ results pages. This comes in handy especially for websites that are yet to create a traffic and client base, such as new websites.

The exposure to more traffic increases the chances of visitors accessing your website – they will turn into regular visitors and clients in you impress. As such, optimize your website and give it a head-start by utilizing PPC services from major search engines.


Remember, the bulk of the opportunities in the market are shared by the few visible platforms on the internet – increase your visibility with these smart internet marketing tips and grow your client base for short and long-term clients.

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